Working For Yourself Is Great For Your Hobby

The one thing that I have always loved about becoming my own boss, and making money online from home, is that I get to spend a lot more of my free time doing what I want to do. When I had a job I would spend any free time at work looking at internet sites.

Now that I work from home, for myself, I can do things that were just out of the question when I was working in the real world. Take today for example, I was struggling to focus on work so I got up and went to see the excellent Manga exhibition at a local art gallery.

Could I have done that if I was working 9to5 in an office for a big company?

The same goes for hobbies as well.

Say you like customising your car, if you work from home you could stop what you are doing and just go outside and install that new billet grills you have spent a nice fortune on. I’m not into cars. It doesn’t really matter what your hobby it, my point is working from home means you can indulge in it when you want to.

My hobby of watching stand-up comedy comes into play, I can take a break and put on a stand-up comedy DVD or even go to a local club to watch some live comedy. Although the latter tends to happen in the evening more.

Do you indulge in your hobbies when you want to thanks to working from home?

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  1. When I work from home i struggle to focus, there’s too much distraction, not to mention that’s always something to do around the house. I agree that’s more profitable to be your own boss, but this job has its challenges too.

    • You have just left a comment on a blog run by someone who can be distracted by the smallest things in the world!

      Not just the TV, but chores, the fridge (I love food!), my dog rolling on the carpet and even the internet with their evil Facebook and Twitter sites. All these gang up against me to stop me working. πŸ˜›

      My Sunday Rambling post will have a section about being distracted, I hope you check it out. πŸ™‚

  2. Dean,

    Nothing is more rewarding than being your own boss.. But you guys are right.. I don’t even know how much time i spent on facebook or game each day instead of focusing on things that really matter for my business.

  3. I work a lot from home. Don’t make that much – yet – but it’s enough to really free up my time.

    What I’ve found is that the more time I have to myself, the more ideas I get for other ways to increase my income. And I can actually try them out. But if I’m working at an office full time, or even part time, it’s almost impossible to get up steam in other ventures.

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