What Do You Think Of The Impoved IND?

One of my goals for this year was to give this blog a fresh new look. Some people may accuse me of cheating but I have decided to keep the current design and merely give it a bit of a clean up instead.

I don’t think I am cheating. Removing it from my goal post and replacing it with a wish for a funky htc sense smart phone without anyone knowing, now THAT would be cheating. πŸ˜‰

Faster! Faster! Faster!

My main aim was to speed up the blog. I think it loaded pretty fast before but I knew that it could do with being even faster. So I removed a lot of the sidebar widgets that I really didn’t need.

I also decided to show a teaser for every post on the home page instead of the entire post, I’m hoping that this will stop the blog from lagging when it loads.

I removed the RSS feed counter and the subscribe by email image and instead I created a section in the sidebar with an RSS button, Twitter button and a Facebook button. Above that is the mailing list subscription box.

“Sorry! Did You Say Mailing List?”

Yes I did. After months and months and months of saying it I have finally launched my mailing list. I haven’t done it with much fanfare, and if you sign up there is no free offer yet, but the important thing is that I have finally launched it. πŸ™‚

Comment Baby!

I didn’t do too much with the comments section as I was pretty happy with how it currently looked (well, apart from wishing there were more comments). But I did add the CommentLuv plugin as an extra thank you to people who comment.

I also altered the images next to the comments so if you don’t have an image associated with your name it shows up a random default picture which is not the normal boring grey one.

I’ve Ad Enough!

The biggest complaint I received from readers was that I was displaying too many adverts. When I decided to work on the design lowering the number of adverts was my first priority. I have reduced the numbers from 15 to 7 on a post.

I am working on getting this even lower.

Behind The Scenes

I also gave the admin panel a good going over as well. I scaled back on the amount of plugins I was using. I had 37, which I think was mental! I had over ten plugins running that I was not even using.

Well? What Do You Think?

I am always looking to improve the blog in every way possible so I am always happy to hear from people with their views on what they think of my blog.

Are the changes good? Are they bad?

What would you change if this was your blog? Please comment and let me know. πŸ™‚

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  1. Do you use anything specific for the newsletter and RSS etc section at the top of the sidebar? I’ve seen this on a couple of other websites, such as ProBlogger, and was wondering if it is something already made, been looking to add one onto my site.


  2. Greta that you launched the list! Everyone is saying that “money is in the list”. Once you start building one, they say, “money is in the BIG list.”(but let’s leave the BIG debate for some other time! I don’t want to rant here. πŸ˜€ )
    The clean up is good.
    Ishan’s latest blog post is Blogging For Beginners How To Choose A Topic For Your BlogMy Profile

  3. I’ve started building my own list too since last Sunday using PHPList and FasterIM Optin. Which email list software are you using?

    • I’ve tried PHPList before (when I was running a professional wrestling newsletter) but found it rather tricky, especially when it doesn’t want to send your newsletter!

      I use Interspire Email Marketer (costs about $500 but I was lucky enough to have it passed on to me by someone who bought it but didn’t want it). πŸ™‚

  4. Nice tips Dean. Removing the adverts has become a necassity for most of the bloggers as Google’s Panda has thrashed the websites with superflous ads. The only tip every blogger should keep in mind is: Just focus on your readers and always come up with unique, media rich content!


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  5. Looks like pretty good changes to me. I also have many plugins both activated and not even using I should get rid of on my blog.. they’re just sitting there taking up space. I think your ads are pretty unobtrusive. You don’t have anything annoying like content blockers or “register to keep reading”. I hate those.. there’s a few sites I refuse to visit because of them.

    • Evaluating the plugins I use was a great idea for me, because I realised that I was relying on some plugins to do things that I could easily to myself.

      I’m slowly getting better with the ads, I’ve had to drop a couple of networks for happily allow redirect ads to be displayed and there is one I’m using right now that keeps displaying videos that automatically play when the site loads, they might be going soon.

      Thanks for the feedback. πŸ™‚
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