What Do You Do When You Suck At Creating Logos?

I like to think that after four years (yes it really has been that long, I started this blog in November 2007) of trying to make an income (trying? I actually do make money!) online that I have become rather good at it. OK, I am not earning enough to live the life of luxury like others but I do get by.

But there is one thing that I haven’t been able to succeed at and that is when it comes to creating images and graphics for the blog and the posts that are contain within the blog. I have spent hours every day trying but I just plain suck at it.

I even resorted to scouring the internet to see if I could find any websites that would have a program built in so I could create logo online but all my searching came to nothing. I even had to stop using blog designs that required an image as a logo because I didn’t want to spend money hiring a logo creator when there was a chance that I could do the job myself.

But it started to effect my traffic and then my income so I luckily found a couple of cheap guys over at Fiverr who will do the jobs for me for only $5, obviously it isn’t high quality graphic work but it is much better than what I can achieve so it will do for now.

Although I didn’t find that elusive online tool all that searching was not done for nothing, I managed to find a couple of very good websites where I can create a business card online for a fair price. 🙂

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