Using Twitter Feeds To Find Awesome Deals & Discounts From

How to find deals on Twitter with Amazon Twitter Feeds

Shockingly low prices, fast shipping, and amazing product selection. Yes, I am talking about I think most of us have bought something from Amazon at some point, and many of us are regular customers.

But the truth is that we are all likely missing out on some great deals on Amazon. These deals are just slipping away while we’re… doing our various tasks we do every day.

Amazing amazon deals on Twitter. Every single day. Even if you don’t use twitter yet, it may be worth it to get a free twitter account just to save more money on the things you already buy. Can you imagine spending just a few minutes logging into twitter every once in a while and finding deals on your favorite stuff and saving money? Just a few minutes could put money back in your pocket.

And it’s easy as pie. Your favorite slice of pie! Here are some twitter feeds that you might find helpful. Get ready to save!

All you have to do is go to and add a slash and then enter one of these words. So it will look like this:

Let’s make a list of these great feeds!

@amazondeals. The @amazondeals twitter feed is a general feed which features fun deals across broad categories all day! We’re talking about everything from beginner ukulele starter kits to watches and chocolate and various electronics.

@amazon_grocery. This feed features food. Big surprise right? Get amazing deals on cereal, various dry foods and more.

@amazonkindle. This feed will alert you to savings on ebooks which you can read on your kindle or other ebook reading device.

@amazonmp3. Get some great deals on music from all varieties including new albums.

@amazonappstore. News and deals on educational and entertaining applications for Android and other platforms.

@amazontoys. Got kids? Barbies, LEGOs, and lots of toys and new toy deals can be found at this feed.

@amazongames. Great deals on new and popular video games for XBOX, PS3, and more. If you’re a gamer, it just makes sense to save. You may want to subscribe to that one.

@amazonvideo. This is the feed for Amazon Instant Video. Save on movies that you can watch instantly. Get alerts for new movies and even some free movie deals!

@amazontechdeals. Find deals on tech and electronic items from new GPS models to various software and even computers!

If you do any shopping online in any of the above categories, you may want to follow any feeds that are relevant to you. When you save on, it’s great because it’s like you have a few extra bucks and you can always find something really awesome right there in front of you to put in your cart that can add more value to your life.

So if you want to get involved, it’s free. Just sign onto twitter, or get a free twitter account today. Then check out the above feeds and you will see a list of deals so you can then decide which feeds you want to follow. Then just sit back and watch the deals come in!

Curtez Riggs is a military blogger and Sergeant First Class in the US Army. He writes about personal brading and Veterans issues at Life After The Army.

Twitter: @armylifeafter | Facebook |

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