The Top Holiday Marketing Campaigns of All Time

The idea of buying a brand new car for Christmas didn’t exist until auto manufacturers launched ad campaigns that showed those vehicles sitting in driveways with big red bows on their hoods. It led to an increase in cars sold towards the end of the year. Other companies found successful ways to reach out to customers both online and offline around the holidays too. When trying to come up with fun ways to advertise your business during the holiday season on your own or with professional help from a company like iCrossing, take a look at how other companies created memorable marketing campaigns.

Coca-Cola Name Bottles

Coca-Cola launched its name bottles in Australia and then brought those bottles to America because of the success experienced in that country. These bottles come with a name scrawled across the front in the classic Coke logo. To show customers that these bottles had more uses beyond the winter months, Coke launched an online campaign to show those bottles used as place mats during Thanksgiving and holiday celebrations. The campaign was such a success that the company saw itself selling more bottles than ever before. These simple ads showed name bottles on holiday tables next to the turkey, mashes potatoes and other dishes.

Air Canada

If there is one commercial that will make you homesick, it’s the one used by Air Canada. The ad showed a pub called Maple Leaf in London that catered to Canadians living abroad. Two pilots working for the company entered the bar and treated everyone there to free round trip tickets back to Canada. Those pub patrons earned the right to spend the holidays with their families back home. The commercial ended with a simple hashtag and a request for others to share their own stories of helping others during the holiday season. When placed online, the commercial earned more than one million views in its first week.


Retail giant Walmart showed off its holiday spirit in 2015 with a series of funny commercials that starred comedian Craig Robinson. Robinson used each commercial to sing songs about the best holiday gifts. The videos quickly spread across the internet as viewers shared the commercials via Facebook and other sites. Walmart also launched its Fill the Truck campaign that same year. The retail chain created ads catered to kids to show them that not all kids are as lucky as they are. Those ads led to children around the world given up their own Christmas toys to those less fortunate.


While some only eat homemade cookies around the holidays, others can’t get enough of Oreo cookies. Oreo jumped on the social media bandwagon with a campaign built around the idea that you could design your own package. The campaign went live on Twitter and quickly spread to other sites. Users could follow the link to see the available designs, create a new package and send those cookies to loved ones. Though Oreo only offered a few package designs, the cookies became one of the holiday hits of the 2015 season.

Even if your company has limited cash and resources, you can still create a holiday marketing campaign that will appeal to your customers. Get help from experts in the industry like iCrossing, or implement your own strategy. Either way, using the internet and digital advertising methods helps you create ads and commercials that your customers will want to share.

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