The Pop-Up Ad Experiment Is Over

On February 1st I decided to launch a test that would last the entire month of February. The plan was to place pop-up advertising on this blog (as well as my personal blog at Dean Saliba Dot Com) and gauge the reaction of people by getting them to post how they felt about pop-up advertising.

Sadly the experiment has only lasted six and a half days as I received numerous emails from companies, who had adverts on this blog, stating that they would pull all advertising from my blogs if I did not remove pop-up advertising within 72 hours.

One company even said to me that they do not allow sites to offer popup-advertising or pop-up pages offering newsletter subscriptions. But that is exactly what they allow John Chow to do on his blog. Maybe he can bypass that rule because he has lots of traffic and is a self-titled evil blogger?

I felt that it could have turned into a rather interesting experiment but alas it had to bee cut short. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who gave me their view on the matter either by email or the comments section.

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  1. One experiment failed and another started. I am talking about your bliklist audio ad. It was running over and over when I was writing comment on your . Now it has stopped. Its a nice addon in one’s site, provided the audio is soothing to the ears.

    • I was not aware of this. As far as I know I’m only running Adsense, AdToll, Adbrite & CEOAds on this blog.

      I did hear that looping audio but I thought it was coming from another site as I had many windows open.

      Thank you for bringing it to my attention, I’ll certainly look into that.

      And thank you for dropping by. 🙂

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