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Bingo; a game that is often looked at as a game that is played by women over 40 who have nothing better to do during the week so they pop down the road to their local bingo hall and spend a couple of hours playing.

That reputation is not very well deserved. Not when you discover that bingo can now be played online from the comfort of your own front room (or bedroom, or office, or toilet if you have a laptop) and that just as many young people play the game online as the older people I mentioned above.

Some online bingo gaming sites will even go as far as to offer you a deal to sign up with them, this could be something like if you sign up for an account they will give you some credit to get started so you can test the games. This means that you are basically playing Free Bingo, which is not something to sniff at. πŸ™‚

Because there are so many sites around it is best to find a portal such as Super free bingo who will do the job of searching out the best ones and placing them on their web site for you to choose from.

The list of games is very big and broad. You will find some of the bigger names such as Foxy Bingo, who have been advertising regularly on television in the United Kingdom for the past year or so. These sites have rep as they are well known and reliable.

Then you also have some of the lesser known ones and games you probably haven’t heard from before such as Wink Bingo. That does not mean these should be avoided, if anything they should be snapped up because you’ll find they will offer better bonuses to try and entice you away form the bigger games.

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  1. I used to win alot on casinos using bonuses but casinos are not so generous and there are many strict terms attached to the bonuses.

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