Sponsored Tweets Reduce Payout Threshold

Sponsored Tweets is without doubt the number one sponsored tweet network on the internet right now, and for those of you who are laughing and saying that Revtwt is bigger, you could not be more wrong if you tried.

The only thing that I disliked about Sponsored Tweets is that they had what I consider a rather high payout threshold of $50.00. Only the big guys would be able to request payout on a monthly basis and the smaller guys would only be able to request a payout once or twice a day.

I’m not too sure when it happened but they must have listened to the complaints because the payout threshold has been altered.

It still says $50 but you can now withdraw any amount under that now.

This sounds great but the downside is that they do now charge a $2 fee for any amount under $50. So my advice would be to wait until you have more than $20.00 before you decide whether to cash out of not.

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  1. I’ve tried sponsored tweets but two months of waiting and nothing. My rate is set at $.50 an ad. Is there another site that is good to try or any other advice that would help me? Have almost 900 followers. Thank you!

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