Sponsored Reviews Suspend me for Having an Article Stolen

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have a bit of a history with a sponsored post network by the name of Sponsored Reviews. Despite making THEM some nice money since 2007 they (for some reason) treat me very poorly and have suspended me multiple times for reasons that don’t actually exist or for reasons that could be cleared up if a human actually looked into it instead of their auto script.

I received an email this morning with the headline “Your Account Has Been Temporarily Suspended”. I knew without even checking the name of the sender that this would be from Sponsored Reviews. “Here we go again” I thought to myself as I opened the email.

This time they are calling me a thief.

I did the common practice of updating an old article, cleaning up the links, and then republishing it as part of a sponsored post. There is nothing illegal about this and it is something that I have done many times in the past.

This time there was a problem though. Sponsored Reviews have suspended me for stealing content.

I looked into it and discovered that about a week after I originally published the article a spam blog stole it and published it on their blog – and because I had changed the date of the article Sponsored Reviews were now convinced I had stolen the article.

Thankfully Google hadn’t updated my site yet so I was able to take the following screenshots:

In the search results:


Cached page:


The Spam Blog:


This took me less than A MINUTE to discover, surely the staff at Sponsored Reviews are not too busy to actually investigate things more before throwing they throw insults around?

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