Sponsored Reviews Reduce Number of Days to Complete Posts

Sponsored Reviews sent out an email earlier today which initially had my heart beating rather rapidly! I thought they were sending out an email announcing they were closing their network down, despite me having a few problems with them over the years they are one of the major players and I do good business with them and did not relish replacing that income.

Thankfully they are not closing down, they sent out an email announcing that there was going to be a major change in how long bloggers are given to write sponsored posts. There used to be a seven day time frame for you to get your post completed but it is now being shortened to five days.

I’m not sure what the point of this is because I don’t know many people who wait until the last minute to complete their tasks anyway, I normally complete mine about four days before the deadline.

I have noticed more and more advertisers are putting into the requirement section “post must be completed within 24-48 hours” so maybe Sponsored Reviews have been receiving lots of complaints from advertisers who are too impatient to wait for their tasks to be completed?

I don’t believe this new change will affect many people but it might result in a lot more poor quality posts being submitted.

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  1. Writing articles or reviews under time pressure creates only poor quality, many times as preliminary studies is a great work by the writing that takes time to get a good result. They bite only themselves in the tail.

  2. I think those who have been writing good for long know how much time they require for one post. Having considered that it should also be kept in mind that you need to be creative with your post. Lessened time frame not only produce low quality posts but also run the risk of the post being less informative.

  3. On one hand, it could initially result in less quality posts. On the other, I suspect it could cause the less dedicated to leave the network because of time constraints, leaving more options for those remaining.

    • I think we are definitely going to see more poor quality posts being published. When you have people willing to write 400+ articles for $1 I don’t think they will walk away just because they have less time to publish the posts in. 🙂

  4. I guess by reducing two days for writing and submitting posts will not make a difference for experienced writers because they can easiluy deliver good quality as well as quantity of content in five days. Yes, new writers might face problems because two days are a big thing for them. Good quality post requires a lot of research and it takes time.

  5. Enough time should be given for person who is writing post.It may happen that he or she is good writer.But takes time to write.Less time frame not only produce low quality posts but also run the risk of the post being less informative.

    • Absolutely, I think the advertisers are becoming impatient and want their posts completed ASAP and Sponsored Reviews have bowed to the pressure.

  6. Its not a good move for people who can’t spend much time to write these sponsored posts. Now they have to work a little extra towards this & the result will be poor quality. I hope sponsored reviews will think on this again.
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    • I have a feeling this is here to stay. You are right when you say this will result in more poor quality articles being submitted, maybe Sponsored Reviews will implement some changes to blog quality when people submit new blogs.

  7. I don’t think this should be affecting those who are long into the profession. Those who have learnt the techniques of writing quality posts will not even consider this, because they too know that it does not take seven days to write one post. But if we consider the new writers or the ones who are not well versed with it may get stressed out.
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    • It will not really affect people like you, you are right, what it will do is force people to submit more poor quality posts and that could push advertisers away.

  8. I have recently come across a few blogs that have stopped writing sponsored reviews because it reduced the trust factor in their readers. Do you this by creating time constraint they are indeed so bad? May be they have some other strategy in their mind for good of the bloggers.

  9. I have signed up for this some time back, but still didnt get to anything from the team. Is there some sort of selection criteria for this campaign?
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  10. Well, this is a challenge now. Reduced number of days to write posts will be a perfect challenge to work on our speed along with maintaing the quality of the content. It will be fun and a task to be aggresively worked on as well. It is a great move if we take it positively.

  11. Thanks Dean, I’ve been using SR for the past month and I’ve only had one accepted bid (and it was only for $5). I’ve had 5 rejected bids and 30 waiting for acceptance. How do you get people to respond to your bids? It seems that most of the advertisers don’t even look at your bids.
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  12. Thanks dean, I really need to look into trying to get some sponsored post for my site. It could help me out a bit.
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  13. I have applied for sponsored reviews website but its taking time for approve my application but am trying other to get some sponsored post thanks for your update dean
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  14. This is bad for me, I take some time to produce some quality content. I really work hard when my back is on fire. It will definitely increase the count but not quality.

  15. Its a bad move those of you that can’t spend enough time to write these backed posts. Now they have to work slightly extra toward this & the end result will be poor quality. I wish sponsored reviews will think on this again.
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  16. I’ve been debating whether I should get into the review marketplace for some time…Google is not kind to those who do it.Not sure if it is worth doing long term… what do you think?
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  17. SponsoredReviews is my favorite review site for the reason being that you got control on products that you want to review.Indeed, the products that we must choose to review must be the one who are close to our niche.
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