Sponsored Reviews Call me a Liar, Know my Life Better than I do

Last month an advertiser purchased a sponsored post from me via Sponsored Reviews, the post was on topic and was for a nice sum of money for what was effectively an article with a link inserted in it (the advertiser did not want me to review their site in any way shape or form), I accepted the offer and duly wrote the article.

It was not for this blog, it was for a smaller blog that I run, the advertiser was a nursery so I wrote an article about my attempts to purchase part of a building a few years ago and run it as a newsagents and how a nursery who rent another part of the building thwarted me and anyone else who tried to rent the space.

I received an email from Sponsored Reviews telling me that they were not going to pay me for the article as I was lying.

I might be a lot of things, but a liar I most certainly am not, I was furious at being called a liar and had to watch my words as I emailed them back asking for an explanation. They just sent the same email calling me a liar again.

I emailed them again and asked why they thought I was lying and if the advertiser has said this. No, apparently not, apparently a member of staff was reading my submission and decided that it was a tissue of lies without even knowing anything about me or my background.

They then suspended my account.

They soon lifted the suspension when I threatened to sue them for slander.

This is not the first time I have had problems with the staff at Sponsored Reviews, a company who seem to have a policy in place of employing staff who make bad calls and decisions all the time. I’ve had them suspend me numerous times before simply because their staff have not done their job properly.

Why do I stick with them? Because I make decent money with them and when they work they work really well, I just wish they would sack their staff and hire competent people.

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  1. Lol, you put them were they belong! although I never have success with sponsored reviews since most of their offers are not related to what is shared on moneyhomeblog.com and also they are so so cheap.

    And, I hope they paid you your due?
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  2. As usual, they promise a lot and then they do not want to pay for the jobs and find a lot of excuses. Good work to threaten to sue them.

    • I don’t know why they called me a liar, but they certainly wish they hadn’t after the mouthful I gave them. I’ve been making THEM money since 2007 so you would think they would be eager to keep me on their good side.

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