RichPTC is a PTC site that claims to offer $1 per click and $10 for every sign-up offer you complete on their site.

Now, that right there should be enough to have you running for the hills, as if it sounds too good to be true then it normally is. Unfortunately people can become so desperate to make an income online that they can be willing to believe pretty much anything that they read – and unscrupulous people are only too happy to take advantage of this.

Let’s start with the guy who owns this site.

When I searched for the domain WHOIS details I discovered that the details were hidden (a GIANT red flag to me whenever someone does this – what are you hiding?), but thanks to a bit of detective work I was able to discover that this site is linked to a lot of sites –,,,,, and are just some of the ones still running – and they are all scams.

Most of them have their details hidden, but one didn’t and that led me onto Jordan Welsh (I doubt if that is his real name). It seems that ‘Jordan’ has been running these sites since at least 2010 – and seems to be creating more every year.

The concept is simple. You sign up for a free account, click on ads that they promise will pay you $1 each and once you hit $1,000 you can request a payout, which of course never comes. I have been waiting over seven years for my payout – not that I expected them to pay out.

There is of course an upgrade available ($19.99 per month), which they claim will help you reach your payout faster and earn you more money. Obviously since they don’t pay out you are simply putting more money into his/her/their pocket.

“But wait, there is a payment proof page!” Yeah, well they are all fake, people who appear on that page have been leaving comments all over the internet saying they were never paid, and some are evening saying that they were not even members of this particular PTC site.

The cold hard truth is that NOBODY is going to pay you $1 to click on a banner ad, the top earning sites in this industry barely pay $0.02. $1 a click is just too unrealistic to build a successful business on. Even if everyone paid for the $19.99 a month membership upgrade there would not be enough to pay everyone $1,000.

There are plenty of legitimate PTC sites that will pay out that can be found on the Make Money Today section of this blog.

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