Promoting Your Business with Baseball Caps

Baseball caps are a popular way to promote organisations and events, they get worn a lot so they offer high visibility to any branding or messages they carry and of course the fact they are worn on the head guarantees the message will be seen as others talk to the individual wearing the cap.

The modern form of baseball cap is believed to have been around since the 1940’s though other forms have been around longer. Originally made as a fitted cap, these days most are made with an adjustment strap so as to fit most head sizes.

Modern forms of baseball cap include the “truckers cap” a type often used for promotional purposes.

If you are considering using baseball caps for promotions there are some factors to consider before you go looking for quotations.

They should be made from quality materials to ensure they are durable and will be worn repeatedly. A durable cap can be worn for years so it guarantees your message or logo will be seen many times over which is the whole point of using promotional baseball caps after all! This kind of repeated exposure for your brand is what makes this form of advertising so effective and valuable.

There are many ways to decorate caps, from embroidery and embossing to printing and badging. A specialist will help you decide which option is best for your particular needs.

Keeping overall costs in check can be helped by planning in advance, keeping the designs simple and of course ordering in bulk as the larger the order the lower the unit cost.

Designs can be pretty much anything that will fit but there are some guidelines you might like to bear in mind;

Put into words what it is you are trying to achieve with your promotion, designers are quite skilled at interpreting your ideas and transforming them to a memorable design or slogan.

Think about the colours you already use in any corporate promotional material and business cards. Your designer will probably want to know your PMS references if you already know them.

Similarly, give your designer copies of any logos, artwork or other promotional material so they can match up as much as you might need. It is also a good idea to let them know of any good examples from other companies that have impressed you so they can get a good idea of what features appeal to you.

There are lots of promotional products that can be used to promote a business and baseball caps are a great choice. There is nothing better than seeing your brand walking around!

Rosemary specialises in promotional material including promotional baseball caps in particular. You can see her site Headwear Promotions for more promotional ideas.

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  1. Everybody loves freebies YES your right, this is one of the best way of promotion, not only for a baseball caps but also for different stuff that is better to give away
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  2. Hey Rosemary,

    That is a great idea. Your brand will be able to be seen by everyone because your head is usually the first place people look at when they see you. That is a very good offline marketing strategy thanks for sharing.
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    • Not always, haven’t you heard that a lot of men look at a woman’s chest instead of their face? I reckon if the ladies wore a t-shirt as well then we’d have it sorted. πŸ˜›

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