Money Isn’t the Only Thing You Can Invest for Your Retirement With

This blog is mostly about making money. We should all know how it works around here by now, I try out as many products and ideas as I can and then I try to honestly put them into words to let you guys know if they work or not.

But I sometimes write about other methods that might be able to make you money, methods that are seen as something of a long-term way of making money, like 401k gold investing.

My dad buys gold from family members and friends, it has become a long running joke in the family because he does it like he is a don boss making a dodgy business deal (he even smokes a cigar and wears a dressing gown with his name stitched on it while doing it).

Up until a couple of years ago people would deposit money into their 401K accounts (other here in the UK it is more commonly known as an Investment Retirement Account), but now that money is so unstable people have started turning to other sources. My dad has started investing with gold.

gold IRA accounts are a great idea because things like war, inflation and bank collapses have a massive detrimental effect on money, whereas they do not have the same kind of impact on gold or indeed other precious metals.

This is not a quick way to earn money, and there may actually be a small gold IRA transfer charge to remove your funds, this is the kind of thing you should be looking to take advantage of for your retirement so it is very much a long-term project.

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  1. I heard about people resorting to gold again and investing into that. I guess the saying of “history repeating itself” is definitely happening again. Do you know how someone would get started into this? In the U.S., most 401K’s are set up with our employers. Is there another company that would dealt with?

  2. Gold investment can be really very supportive and helpful during the bad times and oldage time.I have also decided to invest in gold rather than putting all eggs in one basket (money investment).

  3. Well, your father sounds like a smart man. Especially with his cigar and gown-I guess you have to get into the zone. Seems like more people are getting smart and putting their money in the gold. When did you dad start this?

  4. My father is also interested in Golds and Silver stuffs but he does not buy it, He hunts for it with people he knows.

    But your idea is really pretty clever Dean! No matter what changes may happen in the value of money, it almost won’t change the value of gold in markets.

  5. Here in my country, investing in gold is not that popular and is somewhat risky so I dont think thats an option for me for years to come

  6. Investing on gold is considered safe but the returns are not so good i recommend investing on property which is as safe as gold but returns are better than gold.

  7. Gold invest is a sound investing idea since the dollar isn’t as strong as it was before, and the current debt crisis really freaked a lot of investors in dollar market. Moving a part of your investments in to gold can act as hedge against losses from your dollar based investments

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