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What would you say if I told you that you could earn money by simply writing forum posts? Would you believe that years of supporting Millwall football club & listening to rock music had finally rotted my brain? Well that might be true but that doesn’t alter the fact that it is possible to make money writing forum posts.

PostLoop is the name of the site, they pay you to post on message boards and they have also recently started to branch out into blog posting. It is a perfect solution for both forum owners who wish to breathe new life into their forums and for people wishing to make additional income from writing posts.

Signing Up

Before you think about signing up you should be aware that PostLoop have some requirements that they expect you to meet:

  • All writers must have excellent English grammar
  • Writers from all countries are accepted, as long as they have excellent English grammar
  • All writers are required to pass an initial application process
  • All writers must be able to accept payments via PayPal

The application process that they speak of is the process of subscribing and then posting 10 trial posts on their official forum to review them and see if you qualify, this is to weed out the people who will try and post one word replies to posts and post general spam.

You’ve Qualified, Now What?

So you have registered, subscribed to the PostLoop Portal (their forum), you have posted the 10 posts and you have been given the thumbs up, now is the time to start searching out the forums that you would like to write on.

There is a nice list of forums to look at and once you find one that takes your fancy you simply click on the More Information image (a circle with an I in it) and look at the rules the forum owner has written, if you feel you can meet the rules then click on the forum name and it will open the forum in a new window, now register with the forum.

Once you have registered with the forum you should come back to PostLoop and click on the Subscribe image for that forum (it is an image of a man with a green cross on him) and then type in the username and email address you use to join the forum.

Get Posting

Once you have subscribed it is time to start posting and earning.

Points Mean Money

When you are approved by PostLoop you will be given a rating of around 5.00, this is how many points you will be paid per post, when you join a forum the owner of the forum will review your posting quality and rate you and this will affect you because these ratings are put towards your total rating and if it drops so does the amount of points you earn per post.

I received a nasty rating from an owner because out of the 50 posts I made for him one of them was one paragraph, he gave me a 2.00 rating which almost halved by total rating.

Cashing out

Once you hit 100 points you will be able to request a payout, at the time of writing this each point you earn is worth $0.05, I clocked up 531 points and was paid $26.57 within days of requesting payout.

In conclusion

PostLoop is an excellent way of making money by writing forum & blog posts but it is going to require time, patience and effort, you are not going to get anywhere posting spam or one word replies, which is why I strongly urge you to only sign up to blogs and forums that you have an interest in.

As a bonus I have found writing these forum posts has certainly helped remove writer’s block a fair few times as well.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I think now I can earn from FORUMS. Can you please tell me If this strategy is going to work on WARRIOR FORUM?
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  2. Really nice method of making money! I registered and going to test it out. Hope I can earn some extra dollars to my PayPal account 🙂 Thanks for share.
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  3. dspaa albert broni

    i really want to join this group

  4. I’m always looking for extra ways to earn a bit of extra cash…and I have never heard of this. Thank you!

  5. Thanks for sharing this post with us. I already have an account in digital point forums will that work? I need some more money to start my new blog.

  6. Good write-up, Dean (and hey! hello!).

    I’d heard about Postloop a good while ago, but I wasn’t enthused to join and I’m less so now. The ratings thing means anything can change really because it’s left in the hands of the forum owners who have their own varied set of rules.

    I’m glad you got some money out of it though. Will you continue there?
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    • Hiya Ebele, long time no speak!

      I will be continuing for the time being although it won’t be something that I will be spending more than say an hour on a day.

  7. *nods* Cool. All the best with it then. And keep us posted, pweese. Take care…
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