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One question I receive quite a bit through email and on Twitter is if there is a way to make some money from blogging without having to spend any money on hosting or a domain name, the answer to this is that there is a way to do this and it involves using a free remotely-hosted blogging service.

If you sign up to the many sponsored post networks available then you could make a nice amount of money, although some advertisers don’t like to work with free hosted blogs so you might not make as much as someone with their own hosted blog.

There are loads of them about and I have listed four of the most popular to get you going.


I believe this may be the most famous of the remotely-hosted services, owned by Google it offers you the option of installing many themes although plugins are far and few between. You will get ranked quicker because of Google owning the service.

2. Livejournal

LiveJournal is a site that I was an avid fan of when I first left Blogger, but I used it solely for a personal diary type blog but there is no reason why you can’t use it for something more, I don’t think they offer plugins and the last time I used the service they restricted how much code you could use with the free version.

3. Tumblr

Tumblr is a site that I have never tried before but I included it in the list because it has become an incredibly popular service over the past couple of years.


Blog is another service that I have not used before, although they limit the themes and plugins you can use they offer good-looking themes and essential plugins, plus your domain will look much as .

I hope you found this post helpful, now there is NOTHING stopping you from creating an account and starting your journey on the path to making money online without spending a penny!

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  1. I’m not sure if you can make money with wordpress directly because it doesn’t allow ads and affiliate links on it. I have seen some fiver gigs though that use their free WP blogs to link build so i suppose that’s one way of getting around the restrictions. I was actually surprised that people would pay $5 for that. I’m actually thinking of creating multiple blogs just for Fiverr link building sometime soon. I wanna see how that’ll work out for me.

    Hubpages or squidoo would be another way to make money blogging for free. Hubpages gives you your own subdomain so that’s cool but squidoo is easier to rank in my opinion.

    • Hmm, I didn’t know that about WordPress. Can you offer your own products on their pages instead of ads and affiliate links? I would assume that would be fine unless their restrictions are on any commercial use.

      Personally I’ve found Blogger to be pretty great when it comes to a free solution. I also have WordPress sites for other uses but if you don’t need a lot of design flexibility Blogger can do the job just fine.
      Garrett’s latest blog post is Trading with Range Bars – What They Are and Why You Should Be Using ThemMy Profile

      • I read their TOS and it did not mention a single thing about it, but on searching Google I found a page about it in their support section which I’m surprised wasn’t more prominently displayed.

        There is only one way to make money on their free service and that is from their own ad program, and even that is only for high traffic blogs. Nice way to force bloggers to pay for their premium version!

    • Malds, I looked at their terms and conditions and I could find no restriction to this at all, however I did do a search after reading your comment and discovered a well hidden page on their support section that basically says you can only use their in-house ad program to make money (only open to high traffic blogs) on their free service. Nice way of forcing bloggers to pay for their premium service.

      I have removed from the list.

  2. I’d started my blogging journey with My first blog had become quite a rage among my social media pals. I had not monetized it then. I thought to host my own blog after a few months. The one on blogger was simply a recreational one after all. I might have made a few extra bucks to drag my day through blogger. But then again I never optimized it enough. Maybe I might even have made a steady income through it.

  3. Making money with a free blog makes sense and also is a good idea. This helps bloggers who are not willing to invest any capital in the blogging business. However, they wish to earn that additional income they can easily earn by sitting at home and possessing some excellent writing skills.

  4. Ah, I remember those days when blogging was a whole new world for me. I used to blog with Blogger, a personal blog, force friends to follow, and follow suit. I did make a few pennies out of it, and I think if I would’ve continued with it, I might have made a little fortune by now.

    • Ah I remember when I first started writing online back in 2001 and the only people who read my work work my friends and family who I nagged into reading. 😛

      Hopefully you have evolved from that and are making a nice bit of wedge. 🙂

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