LinkVehicle Pay Me, Well Kinda

LinkVehicle are a sponsored post website that I joined sometime last year but I never received any offers from them so I sort of forgot about them until they contacted me last month, out of the blue, and told me they had an offer for me.

Because they are a company that I had not used before I was a little reluctant to let them publish anything on this blog, I don’t mind sacrificing a post on one of my smaller blogs if the company fails to pay me, but I didn’t want to publish one on here and then remove it and look silly. 🙂

It was a sponsored post for my legal blog and it was for $30.00. LinkVehicle take 50% of whatever you make so I was looking at $15.00, but it was only for a quick 200 word post so I was happy to do it.

They approved it within hours and yesterday I received payment from them. I’m slightly confused why they paid me $12.00 when I was meant to be getting $15.00, I have emailed them, but I’m not going to kick off too much over $3, I’m more pleased that they have paid out.

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  1. Personally I’ve switched to getting advertisers to pay me before posting any ads. I had an advertiser cancel on me the day after the link went up. So no more free advertising. As for the LinkVehicle sponsored post, that is a pretty low price. I hope it was a rather low PR blog, otherwise they’re getting far too good a deal. It’s funny that they snuck in a $3 fee without telling you.

    • Oh when I publish ads on this (and my other) blogs I always insist on cash in advance but with sponsored post sites you can’t ask for payment in advance as they only get paid themselves after you have publish the posts.

      The sponsored post in question was on a PR2 blog & for that kind of PR I was happy to do business for the price they quoted me. It was a bit cheeky taking an additional $3, I still haven’t received a reason for that.

  2. I have never used such services, though I have not officially subscribed to any such services, but I get around 10-15 offers in a week, they all are ready to shell out bucks to place their links in my site. I have some good sites too, but I never really got an opportunity to work with them.. maybe intentionally or unintentionally, I seriously don’t feel like using them!
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    • If you have never used or signed up to such services how do you receive 10-15 offers a week? Are these offers offering to pay or simply asking for a link exchange? Seems very lucky to receive 15 offers out of the blue every week without joining a network. 🙂

  3. Usually services like this seem kinda scammy but this one seems legit. I’m gonna look into them more. Thanks!
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