Something weird happened to me during the month of June, I actually managed to concentrate and got some work done! I’m not going to count my chickens just yet though as I have a feeling my bouts of lack of motivation could return at any moment. Subscribe To NewsletterSubscribe to my mailing list and gain …

June 2012 Blog Income Report

Something weird happened to me during the month of June, I actually managed to concentrate and got some work done! I’m not going to count my chickens just yet though as I have a feeling my bouts of lack of motivation could return at any moment.

Page Impressions & Visitor Count

The unique visitor count for June stands at 1,344 which is a decrease of 519 from the month of May.

The page impression count for June stands at 2,686, which is a big decrease of 1,038 from the month of May.

This means that each unique visitor looked at 2.00 pages.

My bounce rate has dropped from 61.62% to 60.49%.

– Despite an increase in promoting the blog during June I still saw a further huge drop in traffic which I am at a loss to explain. Maybe it is just a bit of a glitch and will spike up again in July.

Show Me The Money!

Adbrite = $0.27 (-$0.17)
Fidelity Media (AdJuggler) = $0.13 (+/-$0.00)
Passive Income = $19.81 (+$3.92)
Private Advertising = $1.00 (+/-$0.00)
Private Writing = $401.00 (+$51.00)
PulsePoint (AdsDaq) = $0.31 (-$0.15)
 Remove Link/Post Fee = $5.00 (New)
Reviews = $210.02 (+$181.52)
Smowtion = $0.26 (-$0.07)
TLA = $4.00 (+/-$0.00)
UnderDog = $0.00 (-$2.10)
Zapunited = $0.02 (-$0.10)

Total = $641.82 (+$238.85)

– I’m not sure why but UnderDog Media came up with a big fat zero this month, despite the fact that they are a CPM network and I sent them over 3,000 unique hits.

– I’m really pleased to see that my efforts have been rewarded with an increase in revenue, hopefully I can keep this going during July.

Top Five Search Terms

I like this part of the monthly income report. It is amazing how people find this blog on search engines.

1. Smorty
2. casinos online craf dados
5. how to start writing articles online

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5 Top Site Referrals

The top five sites that sent the most visitors to this blog.


Top 10 Commenters

There is no list this month, it will definitely make a return next month.

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  1. Congratulations! It is amazing how you increased your earnings. Hoping to do that soon.

  2. Nice job on the money increments, Dean. Nothing like hard work paying off. Got to agree with you on the bizzare search terms that sometimes leads people to our sites, hehe, but as long as it works, I won’t mind!

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  3. My best wishes that you have increased your earnings. Hope you earn more like this in the upcoming days.

  4. Congrats..good to know that you have increased your earnings last month.. when compared to all the methods, private writing gives you the best income..keep rocking!!
    wordpress installation service’s latest blog post is wordpress installation serviceMy Profile

    • Thank you very much, I’m hoping to see a further increase this month. Private writing is certainly being very good gto me, should have done it years ago. πŸ™‚

  5. Great you have increased your earnings
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  6. Love the transparency and honesty of this post. For those of us making a go at blogging and other side projects, it’s nice to see the real, instead of all the projections.
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  7. very nice.. U will soon become a millionaire.:D
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  8. Hi Dean,

    Traffic is not really that constant but don’t worry it will increase soon. You just need to double or triple your effort in maintaining your posts. Congratulations for earning last month. You already have a bunch of supporters and visitors so keep all your posts coming. What’s the hardest part of maintaining your site? Thanks for sharing some stats here – appreciate it!

    Johnny’s latest blog post is fractionationMy Profile

    • Hi John,

      My traffic has plummeted since Google unleashed their Panda & Penguin updates. :-/

      I know I need to post more often on this blog, I have been neglecting it in order to complete more freelance work.

  9. I have started an blog planning to start some affiliate source for income can you suggest me which is the best one to choose
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  10. Thanks sure will check out his blog
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  11. This is great! This proves that hard work equals increased earnings!