To the naked eye it may appear that I have been lazy this month as I only managed to publish a small handful of posts on this blog, but I assure you I have been very hard at work with my freelance writing and other projects I’m testing out. Subscribe To NewsletterSubscribe to my mailing …

July 2012 Blog Income Report

To the naked eye it may appear that I have been lazy this month as I only managed to publish a small handful of posts on this blog, but I assure you I have been very hard at work with my freelance writing and other projects I’m testing out.

Visitor Count & Page Impressions

The unique visitor count for July stands at 1,211 which is a decrease of 133 from the month of June.

The page impression count for July stands at 2.351, which is a decrease of 335 from the month of June.

This means that each unique visitor looked at 1.94 pages.

My bounce rate has rose from 60.49% to 62.92%

– I have failed to halt the decline this month, I know I only posted 4 times but I still kept up the rigorous promoting via blog commenting, article writing and forum posting that had brought me a lot of success in the past, it definitely doesn’t seem to be work anymore.

Show Me The Money!

Adbrite = $0.24 (-$0.03)
Fidelity Media (AdJuggler) = $0.09 (-$0.04)
Passive Income = $29.92 (+$10.11)
Private Advertising = $46.00 (+$45.00)
Private Writing = $459.00 (+$58.00)
PulsePoint (AdsDaq) = $0.17 (-$0.14)
Remove Link/Post Fee = $70.00 (+$65.00)
Reviews = $147.00 (-$63.02)
Smowtion = $0.61 (+$0.35)
TLA = $4.00 (+/-$0.00)
UnderDog = $0.00 (+/-$0.00)
Zapunited = $0.10 (+$0.08)

Total = $757.13 (+$115.31)

– Underdog continued to come up with nothing this month so I’m going to assume that they have changed their model from a CPM network to a PPC one, but then again I also had clicks and still didn’t get anything.

– People laughed at me, and called me greedy, for daring to charge people for removing sponsored links from this blog, well this month I made a nice sum from it. 🙂

– I’m chuffed as punch that my income has risen again, I’m now aiming for the $800 mark, which is something I should be able to achieve either this month or next month.

Top Five Search Terms

I like this part of the monthly income report. It is amazing how people find this blog on search engines.

1. Smorty
2. how to start writing articles online
3. Specticles

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5 Top Site Referrals

The top five sites that sent the most visitors to this blog.


Top 10 Commenters

This is just my little way of saying thank you to the people who take the time to comment on this blog. Without you guys it would be just me rambling away. 🙂

1. Canadian Economy (3)
2. mohi @ gadget blog (3)
3. tires (3)
4. Glenn (2)
5. Jean (2)
6. Mohideen @ seo blog (2)
7. wordpress installation service (2)
8. Cashmoney (1)
9. Faizan Habib (1)
10. Johnny (1)

This blog, and me earning money online, would not be possible if it was not for those awesome folk over at Bluehost. If you are looking for quality, reliable and cheap hosting then I urge you to check them out today.

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  1. LLB Coaching @ abstain

    Hello Dean Saliba,

    Its nice if you got more then last month…

  2. Hi Dean, thanks for sharing your earnings. Congrats about progress in it and good luck with your traffic!
    BTW -it seems that you mostly earn on writing articles. May I aks you a question (if it’s not a secret) – are you writing about blogging or something else?
    BR, Chris
    Chris’s latest blog post is Social Network Sites – Which One is The Best for Traffic?My Profile

    • Thank you Chris.

      It certainly isn’t a secret. I write about pretty much anything, for example tonight I wrote two articles, one was about Ben 10 and the other was about professional wrestling.

      There are so many people into freelance writing now that I think you have to widen the amount of topics you are prepared to write about in order to make money. Obviously I’m talking about the lower end of the ladder.

  3. Thanks for the info, have a nice weekend!
    Chris’s latest blog post is Social Network Sites – Which One is The Best for Traffic?My Profile

  4. It is always good to see success out there in ways that are a little different! Thanks for the encouragement!
    Mike’s latest blog post is Summer Recap (Part One): Tuning Out — Our Four-Day ChallengeMy Profile

  5. Impressive earning, Dean. Your earning stream show how your skill about online writing, i will learn more at here about make money online and do the freelance jobs. thank you
    Chris’s latest blog post is Twitter Social media advertising expert neededMy Profile

  6. Hey Dean, where are the pics of the fancy cars and the plush homes? Surely you need to start spending that hard earned cash by now. It’s a breath of fresh air to see an honest blogger documenting and revealing their monthly income earnings. You’re on the up now, momentum will bring you to the $800 mark no doubt.
    Declan’s latest blog post is 40 Killer Marketing Tips You Must Be ImplementingMy Profile

    • Fancy cars and plush homes? Who do you think I am, John Chow? 😛

      Any money that I earn has to be spent wisely, my fiance would not stand for me splashing out on anything extravagant!! :And I have to be nice to her or she might stop feeding me! 😛

  7. HI Dean,
    You got little amount from adbrite, why you still keep it?
    Can you tell me what is your passive income ?

    I like your earning share, keep it up !!
    Jonathan’s latest blog post is Navigate Your Way Around The Stock Market With These Money Making TipsMy Profile

    • I keep Adbrite because it has become a challenge for me, I have long had a problem with earning money from PPC networks and I’m going to make Adbrite work for me if it kills me! 😛

  8. Hi, just found your blog today and was immediately attracted to the income report lol.

    I started a blog a couple of months ago and it’s just recently started to earn a couple of bucks a month. So whenever I see someone presenting their income report for their blog I naturally want to see it hehe.

    Anyway, glad you’re doing well with your stuff. I’m currently still trying to build enough traffic on my blog to make it profitable but hopefully by the end of the year I’ll start earning something semi-decent.

    Nice post.
    Malds’s latest blog post is My thoughts on Nuffnang PhilippinesMy Profile

    • Income reports really do inspire don’t they? I still enjoy reading other people’s and seeing what they are doing that I am not.

      Good luck with your blog, I hope you start earning good money very soon. 🙂

  9. Momentum is what it is all about.. good luck for earnings at the current month.. i think well see in some days if you have improved again 😉

    Kitchenfights’s latest blog post is Kitchenfights – free to play BrowsergameMy Profile

    • Thank you, I hope the earnings will increase also, I’m hoping my traffic starts to increase as well as I have sen it plummet since the Google updates earlier this year.

  10. That’s quite good income. I hope you’ll have more progress in future, Dean!

    Good luck!
    Anup’s latest blog post is How Darren Rowse Makes Money With ProBloggerMy Profile

  11. Hi Dean, first thanks for sharing your revenues.
    Second, they are really impressive. If you keep investing your time and effort I’m sure you are going to earn
    much much more. Good luck!
    Denis’s latest blog post is Frontal Hair Loss TreatmentMy Profile