January 2014 Blog Income Report

Every month since November 2007 I have written an income report which documents all the methods I have used to make money over the past month, I do this because I want to help people to make money online like I do and believe that showing people what I earn is the best way to get them interested and inspired to try it themselves. Unlike other blogs I will list EVERY method that pays me, whether it is big Bucks or only a couple of Cents.

When I first started this I made just over $5 in my first month, now although I don’t put in as many hours as I should I am making $1,000+ in what could be considered “spare time”.

Visitor Count & Page Impressions

The unique visitor count for January stands at 28,861, which is a massive decrease of 13,586 from the month of December.

The page impression count for January stands at 76,154, which is a big decrease of 27,506 from the month of December.

– My initial thought of “traffic is down because it is December” might be wrong as the traffic has tumbled again. It looks like the search engines have pushed my pages down the SERPs again.

Show Me The Money!

Advertising = 12.58 (Readded)
CPMFun = $0.03 (-$0.01)
Fidelity Media (AdJuggler) = $1.39 (-$1.52)
Forum Posting = $0.00(-$15.73)
Freelance Writing = $947.19 (+$3.88)
Loan Repayments = $0.79 (+/-$0.00)
Paid Guest Posts = $20.00 (new)
Passive Income = $2.23 (-$11.02)
Smowtion = $0.24 (+$0.12)
Sponsored Posts = $50.00 (+$15.00)
UnderDog = $0.01 (+/-$0.00)
Yahoo Bing Network = $0.51 (+$0.50)

Total = $1,034.97 (+$7.30)

– I have been neglecting this blog lately because I’ve been incredibly busy with a new music project that will see me start promoting music gigs. in the centre of London, so I was rather surprised to see my income pass $1000 – thanks to the clients who finally paid me for freelance work I had done before Christmas.

Top Five Search Term

I like this part of the monthly income report. It is amazing how people find this blog on search engines.

1. how to write more professionally
2. how make money with your “mini van”
3. how social networking use in small business environments.
4. jesse willms john chow
5. lessons in let’s make money

– I’m not sure why “jesse willms john chow” is ranking so high.

Popular Posts of the Month

1. December 2013 Blog Income Report
2. My Very First Video
3. Start Making Money Today
4. March 2013 Blog Income Report
5. A Different Way To Find A Niche

– Nice to see my video post is still ranking well. 🙂

5 Top Site Referrals

The top five sites that sent the most visitors to this blog.

1. matthewwoodward.co.uk
2. t.co
3. link-assistant.com
4. bloggerspassion.com
5. mrfaruque.com

– Please note I do not count search engines in this.

Top 10 Commentators

This is just my little way of saying thank you to the people who take the time to comment on this blog. Without you guys it would be just me rambling away. 🙂

1. frank joseph (2)
2. Harry (2)
3. property Marbella (2)
4. Andrew Guida (1)
5. Davey (1)
6. DVDs (1)
7. Harry @ SmartMoneyJunction (1)
8. http://Followgram.net (1)
9. Hyundai Dealers In Delhi (1)
10. Lost Kulüp (1)

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  1. Congratulation Dean, it is always refreshing to read income reports…. You are still doing absolutely well with your freelancing job.
    frank joseph’s latest blog post is How to Make More Money without WorkingMy Profile

    • Thank you Frank, although I must admit a lot of it was from work I’d been waiting to be paid for since middle of last year.

      And I’m starting to reply to comments quicker as well. 😛

  2. You should categorize your earnings in Active and Passive incomes. Then it will be easier for you to focus on other income streams too.

    Right now I am also earning most of my money from Freelancing only but have to focus on other stuff too to be on the safe side.
    Dclor’s latest blog post is Hello World & 2014!My Profile

    • Do you mean on the income reports? It is something I have thought about in the past, and at the moment I lump all my passive income under one listing. but maybe if I add more things to it in the future then I’ll have more than enough to create a passive category. 🙂

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