I’ve Had Enough Of PayPerPost

I have made no secret of my rising anger and disappointment with PayPerPost in recent months. It took me an absolute age to get accepted by them, each time they gave me poor excuses and it took a very angry email for them to ‘personally approve’ my account.

The problems are now starting to arise when they come to approving my posts.

Each post gets rejected about three times before I eventually gets it appoved. Why do they get rejected so frequently? Because I have the nerve to serve other advertising avenues on my blogs.

Apparently it is against their terms to have ANY advertising on the same page as their post. I have read their terms and the closest thing I can see is the bit about not placing adverts in the review. I’ve tried pointing this out to them but they are having none of it.

The last straw came today when I had a $25.00 review rejected. The reason they gave was because I had posted two reviews in a row and apparently this is against the rules. I checked and found that I had a non-review post in between but I have fogotten to publish it, again they are having none of this so I am going to stop using them.

Beware guys, if you use PayPerPost then they will make it almost impossible for you to use other blog review sites and they will not allow you to have adverts on your blog.

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  1. Most Pay per post sites including SocialSpark have this about not anting ads on the same page as their posts/reviews and that’s why I use a separate single.php for sponsored posts.

    Check out http://www.wpfunc.com/wordpress/use-two-or-more-s…. It helped me a lot

    • Not sure if it is just me but the link is not complete.


      Thank you kind sir for sharing this. To be honest I’m part of a lot of networks and PayPerPost are the only ones to moan at me for working with other networks or have advertising on my blog.

      I am using them again now but I’ve made it clear to them that I am not going to bend over backwards for them when I am earning more with other networks. πŸ™‚

  2. From over here the link looks very complete and even works. If you’ve made your stand with them and they’ve stopped giving you issues, ride on man.

    P.S: You might need to check your plug-in settings ’cause for each comment I leave and you reply to, I get like 3 emails.

    • I hope you didn’t think I was being rude when I said “Not sure if it is just me but the link is not complete”. πŸ™‚

      Hmmm, I’ve had a tinker with the plugin so hopefully that problem has stopped, I obviously don’t want to annoy anyone who leaves a comment. πŸ™‚

      If it still persists I’ll try another plugin. πŸ™‚

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