I’ve Gone & Got Myself A Job

People who check this blog out on a regular basis (or even just looking at the date of the last post) will be aware that I have been neglecting my blog again despite my promises that I wouldn’t.

I can assure you that I do have a good reason this time, I have gone and got myself a job!

I know what you are all thinking….

Why has a man with a blog about making money online been forced to get himself a job in the offline world?

Unlike the majority of people who claim to make money online I did not get a job in order to make ends meet, I did it to get me out of the house as I was spending nearly every waking hour of the day couped up in my front room listening to my dad moan and bitch about anything and everything.

Getting a job has taken a lot out of me and I have actually spent hardly anytime online in the past couple of weeks and even when I have been online it is only in short sharp bursts.

But as I slowly become accustomed to the early rising and early nights I am starting to get my arse back online. For instance today I spent a lot of time online posting on my main blog and of course I am posting this on this blog.

So believe me when I say I am not abandoning my quest, it is merely an action I have taken in order to save myself from going to prison for murdering my miserable and moaning dad!

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