It Took Negative Publicity for Blog Distributor to Finally Acknowledge Me

I wrote a post in May about Blog Distributor not paying me and ignoring my emails, I mentioned how I had not been paid for a task that I had completed in July 2011 and that every month they just moved the pay date forward a month. I wanted to make sure once and for all if they were indeed a scam or if I had just been ‘unfortunate’.

I was searching Google, for other bloggers suffering the same fate as me, when I noticed that there was a company distributing a press release saying they had gone into partnership with Blog Distributor, I checked the company out (ActSeed) and the first article I read on their site was about making sure you go into business with a trustworthy company.

How ironic.

I found them on Twitter and on Facebook and posted the following message to both of their pages:

A couple of days later I received a reply from someone who runs their Facebook account saying they had passed my complaint onto someone at Blog Distributor, I wasn’t really holding out much hope that anything would happen as I had emailed their customer support over a dozen times within the last six months and had been ignored.

Within an hour of me receiving that reply I had an email from a CEO of Blog Distributor Inc.

The email was rather rude:

“I am assuming that your complaint is about not getting paid. Our payment policy clearly states that bloggers outside of the United States get paid when they accumulate $100. in billings. You have only accumulated $72. in billings due. You should not be complaining about not getting paid when you have not met the standard billing amount.”

I was confused about this as I have read their terms and rules so many times that I could probably recite them without having to load up the page. I checked their page straight away and low and behold they have tacked on this rule at the end (they could not even be bothered to hide it in the middle of the rules and pretend I just missed it?). Pay-Per-Post did this to me once when they owed me money, they cleared my account and said I was mistaken.

So they say they will pay me when I hit the $100 mark? Well I have some good news, I have hit that mark so on September 4th they should be paying me $136.

Part of me is hoping that they will, but there is a big part of me that isn’t holding his breath.

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  1. Dean, might you use to analyze the program is scams or not. thanks for share to give me early warning about this program.
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  2. yeah, I’ve e-mailed them many times because I couldn’t access my account page… they never replied yet they keep sending me job invites… I did a few already and I’m kinda not sure if I should continue or not…
    R.O.M.E.L.O.’s latest blog post is Get Access To Your Favorite Multiplayer Online Games With Super VPNMy Profile

  3. Most of the times, there are a lot of hidden terms and conditions to lot of things which we tend to neglect or often do not pay much attention to. Lastly it turns up into a regret that why did we proceed with that particular activity or task. You have raised a good topic and I would take care of this.

    • I know this, but I read those terms and conditions several time, they didn’t even try and hide the rule in the middle they just lazily added it to the end.

  4. Well, if anything like this happens, we are the ones who are always at blame. There are some conditions we subconciously tend to neglect and this is maybe a result of the same issue. But I guess it is not completely your fault.

  5. Bad to hear that, but things like that just happen.. you have to move forward and see if something happens or not. Something very similiar happened to me a few years with an advertisement company (for popups / site overlays).. but they seemed to have gone bankrupt.. so its unlikely to see any money coming from that direction..

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    • This is very true, that is why I’m glad this blog exists because I always try and let people know of the scam sites so other people don’t get burned. 🙂

  6. Do let us know when you get paid, i was just reading about them. Thanks.

    • I’m about to write a folllow-up article because September 4th came and went and I received no payment, they quietly pushed my payout date back another month just like they have been doing since I joined them.

      Even the CEO who contacted me seems to have become VERY silent.
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