Is a Payday Loan on Your Shopping List This Christmas?

As tragic as it is to admit not everyone will be looking forward to the forthcoming holiday period that comes around every year. For some of us it is a time for celebrating with friends and family, swapping presents and stuffing our faces with food and drink, but for some it means debt – and a great deal of it.

When this happens to you there is a way to tide you over until your next payday and that is with a payday loan. You may have seen the adverts plastered all over the TV and in national newspapers and magazines, you can even apply for UK payday loans online within minutes.

The premise is very simple; you take out an amount of money between £100 and £1000 and if approved the money is deposited into your bank account within hours and the lender takes the money back (plus interest) from your bank account when you next get paid.

The reason this kind of loan is becoming very popular is because it is very easy to apply for and the approval rate is much higher than any other kind of loan on the market. It is also a popular choice because the loans are approved incredibly fast – we are talking about hours rather than weeks.

It is worth pointing out that although these loans are very helpful at bridging the gap until payday they do come with a higher interest rate than other loan, some payday loan companies charge as much as 30%, this is worth taking into consideration when applying.

The common problem that people come across when looking for a payday loan is which lender they should go with because there are a great deal of them on the market at the moment and just like other industries there are good and bad ones.

1. Word of Mouth – If you know of anyone who has taken out a payday loan recently then you could ask them to tell you about their experience with the company and whether they would recommend the lender to you.

2. Read Reviews – There are a number of web sites online that offer people the opportunity to leave a review of their experiences with a lender, this is a very good way of gaging how good or bad a lender is.

Applying for any kind of loan is always a gamble so it is always a good idea to take your time and do some research first, and never try to apply for an amount that you cannot repay or it will get you even deeper into debt.

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  1. It sounds like the option to take out a payday loan might only be a good idea if you’re able to pay the loan back relatively quickly, since the interest is so high.

  2. Nice post. Well said, you need to shop around as much as you can since the interest rates vary widely. Also, you should be wary of ‘special offers’ such as loan extensions and deferrals and only use payday loans for emergency short-term borrowing.

    • In the UK the rates start at 29%, my follow-up advice would be to pay attention to the ones who offer you a discount on your first repayment, quite a few are airing this kind of offer on TV right now.

  3. Well, this kind of loan seems useful. However, the higher rate of interest can be a problem for some. A payday loan otherwise is not a problem. I never knew about such kind of a loan that is approved within a few hours. This will surely solve a common man’s problem provided if he is able to pay back the loan with the high interest.

    • At the moment in the UK the rate starts from 29% but I think that maybe this year we might see rats going down as more and more payday loan companies are coming on the scene.

  4. Good job! Getting loans is easy way but paying back is different due to the high interest offering in banks.

    • Yes, the interest rates are very high (starting at 29%) but I have a feeling we might see a drop soon as there are a lot of payday loan companies coming onto the scene right now.

  5. Yeah! I need to buy a New Year’s gift for some of my close relatives and right now I am completely in crisis. I guess payday loans have turned out to be a boon for me.. I am definitely applying for it. Thanks for providing additional details about it.

  6. I try to stay away form these type loans, but I have used them in the past and they were helpful.
    cloud Server’s latest blog post is today 20:55My Profile

    • I haven’t used a payday loan but I have used a doorstep loan where agents come to your home once a week to pick up the payments, the interest rates are the same – high.