I Finally Received Payment From Blog Distributor

I have written a number of posts on this blog recently (here, here, and here) about a company called Blog Distributor Inc who have owed me money for a number of months and have dodged me and ignored my emails. I recently received an email from the owner citing slow business as a reason why he had not paid me.

This did not explain why he had ignored my emails, if he had contacted me like this in the first place then he might have been surprised to discover that I am a reasonable man and would have been happy to wait for business to pick up.

He promised to pay me by the 15th of this month and I wasn’t expecting him to keep this promise as I had been lied to and ignored a few times before, but this evening I received the sum of $140 which is what they owed me up until August 2012.

I am very pleased to see that they have come through in the end, I’m not sure if I will be endorsing them any time soon but I might change my mind if they pay me the other $150 (plus I have another $300 worth of posts waiting to be approved) they owe me.

So it looks like the saga may well be over, does this change your mind about the company?

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  1. Glad to see you finally got paid, i was looking at them and considering joining, may hold back for a while.
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  2. Congrats Dean, you finally got your money. Its good to see that you are being paid for your hard work, though it took some time and patience but in the end it was worth the efforts. And I must say that this company too is good enough to get back to you and pay you even after your public disclosure of the issue. I don’t think there are many people who take things in the right spirit like they did.

  3. Hey Dean, Congratulations. $140 is a start. I am sure now that the company knows you are not someone to be trampled upon, they will pay you the remaining amount as well. It is good you raised a hue and cry because often bloggers don;t and then they don’t get paid for their hard work. Keep up the good work and Good luck.

    • Thank you very much for the nice words. 🙂 You are right of course, networks believe they can get away with this type of thing (and believe me Blog Distributor are not the only one) because bloggers just grumble a little and move on without a fight. Hopefully more people will see how I handled Blog Distributor and follow suit. 🙂

  4. I think it is great that you pursued them till the end. Congratulations on getting the money that you’ve earned and that you deserve. Let’s hope they pay you the pending amount soon enough. It is sad that people will try and avoid you in such situations instead of owning up to it. I mean you would have heard them out and given them time. You have now too, haven’t you? I just hope other bloggers who aren’t getting paid take a leaf out of your book.

    • Absolutely I am quite reasonable deep down. 😛 I have said to them that I am happy to receive my remaining money in installments if this helps them out, no reply about that though.

      Thank you for the kind words, I really do hope that this ‘saga’ helps to inspire more people to fight back and not simply quietly slip away.

  5. It is sad that people tend to avoid you when all you are asking them for is your hard earned money. Anyways getting that $140 is one step closer to your whole amount. I’d just like to say don’t give up ( and you don’t seem the kind who will give up). A lot of people may avoid Blog Distribution now because of this and I hope it teaches them and other such companies a lesson that if they can’t pay up then, they need to at least be honest with the writer.
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    • The problem is that there are some very reliable networks which are being overshadowed by these dodgy ones, Sponsored Reviews is one example that I have been with since 2007 and they have never failed to pay me late ever. 🙂

  6. Congratulations Dean. Atleast they had the decency to pay you. Some networks don’t bother paying after a certain period of time. And more often than not, the writers are to blame as they do not take up this matter with the company. Thanks for sharing your experience with Blog Distributor with us. It’ll make more and more people aware of how writers are being fleeced.

    • Thank you Harry but I have to disagree strongly with you saying that writers are to blame, a lot of writers do try and chase their money but I believe I went further by contacting their business partners.

  7. I too feel that it was only that you made it a big issue and wrote a post about them that they paid you back. Or else I actually don’t see everyone doing this. They knew that their prestige is being exposed to the public, this must have led them pay you back. However, all that matters is that you got paid for your work and everyone knows about these company behavior too.

  8. Hey Dean, Congratulations on getting paid for your hard work. I hope they pay the rest of the amount soon enough. I’m glad you saw this through and did not give up half-way.

  9. $140 after a solid two months. Well, atleast they paid you. It could have been worse. Let’s hope they pay you the other amount as well. I think it is great that you stood up and demanded for your hard-earned money. Most bloggers wouldn’t bother after such a long time. Congratulations anyways.

  10. Hi Dean, as a beginner in the blogging world, I think this post has come as fore-warning that will remind me to stay away from such dubious companies. Thanks a lot Dean. I’m glad you got paid for your work.

  11. Hello Dean,
    I am Beginner to the blogging word and i have one pr2 blog i am also thinking of keeping advertizing in my site how much should i take for it. Like you work for the companies for their advertizing i also want to do same..help me??
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