Believe it or not I actually need to do a big ‘thank you’ to John Chow right now (no I have not lost my senses), for it was him, and his useless blog, that initially exposed me to the pleasures of making money online by writing paid and sponsored review posts. Subscribe To NewsletterSubscribe to …

I Am Finally A ReviewMe Premium Market Blog

Believe it or not I actually need to do a big ‘thank you’ to John Chow right now (no I have not lost my senses), for it was him, and his useless blog, that initially exposed me to the pleasures of making money online by writing paid and sponsored review posts.

From looking at the amount I have earnt from them it might come to you as a surprise to find out that ReviewMe were in fact the very first review network that I had ever joined. The reason I had only earnt about $30 is down to my blog not ranking high enough.

Today I received news that after years of waiting my blog had finally been accepted into their premium market place. This is great news as it means I can now be found by the advertisers and I can select my own price for reviews.

When you first join the network you are not put into their premium market place, your blog has to undergo a second review by the admin team to see if it meets their high standards. So while that is happening you are left in ReviewMe Limbo scratching around for the few $5.00 review scraps that are thrown your way, but you have to fight for these with the other blogs who are also in ReviewMe Limbo with you.

But when you do get into their premium market place then you can be found by thousands of advertisers and you can charge whatever you want, some charge as little as $30 a review while others charge the maximum of $1,000. When I first joined John Chow was charging $750 a go and doing several a week.

The first thing that stands out from ReviewMe is that they insist that every review be accompanied with an announcement that it is a paid post. This is hardly ever heard of and I am sitting here scratching my head trying to think of another network that even insists that some are accompanied with one, never mind every single one.

I like that because I think that if you tell your reader it is a paid review then they will be less inclined to jump down your throat when you stop writing about your normal topics and publish a post about credit card protection or even a Branson vacation package.

Another great thing that puts them higher than other networks is that they don’t just accept PayPal. This may be a shock but not everyone on the internet uses PayPal, there are actually countries that ban it. So to offer the ability to be paid by check is a big enticement. They also offer payment via a prepaid Debit MasterCard powered by Payoneer.

Their payout is slightly confusing. I took up their PayPal option and it clearly says they require you to have a minimum of $25 before you can be paid, but I have received my $30 in $5 instalments. So I’m not sure if they have abolished the $25 rule and just haven’t updated their site.

They do have an affiliate program, which is new, but I’m not too sure about it. They only offer to pay you if you sign-up advertisers and not bloggers. But if you can attract advertisers to sign-up (and launch a campaign) then they will pay you $25 for each one. Now if they could only set one up for the bloggers.

ReviewMe have been around for since 2006 so they are clearly not a fly-by-night operation and if the big guns like John Chow, TechCrunch, ShoeMoney, Jim Karter, etc, are saying good things about them then they must be doing a lot of things right.

– Pay every fortnight.
– Easy & simple layout.
– Insist you lets readers know it is a paid post.
– The affiliate program pays well.

– Difficult to get into the premium market where the proper money is.
– Unless you get into the premium market place there are few offers.
– Their affiliate program only pays if you attract advertisers to sign up.

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  1. Interesting post, Dean. I’ve always been intrigued by these paid review sites, but I’ve never really been able to pull the trigger. You’ll never seen sponsored posts on my blog (although I will sprinkle in affiliate links from time to time within my normal posts).

    I think it’s awesome if you can make it work for your blog – clearly, John Chow has. I just don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do it myself. On the one hand, making money is great, but on the other hand, I’d had to scare away readers who are used to my advertisement-free writing. Who knows though – one day I may try it out!

    Thanks for the post.

    – Eric

    • That is the major (but not the only) argument that people use against not doing sponsored posts, they feel it will scare off their readers.

      I think personally it depends what you are going to write sponsored posts about and also how frequently you intended to publish them. If you are going to write sponsored posts about viagra or sex toys on an MMO blog then you are going to certainly receive complaints.

      John Chow & Tyler Cruz ( have both received a lot of flack from their readers at one time or another because pretty much every other post that they published was a sponsored post.

      I haven\’t received ANY complaints from readers about my sponsored posts. I\’m putting this down to me doing just enough to not to annoy them, rather than they just don\’t care enough. 😛

      Thanks for dropping by. I\’m going to turn this into a post at some point in the coming week, thanks for the idea. 🙂

  2. Congratz Dean, i know its hard to get “Premium Market Blog” at reviewme and to get a jobs. I very like reviewme, because from all paid to review sites, just in ReviewMe I can get the job each month (blog with PR 0), even though the pay is $ 5/job but still profitable right?