How to Turn Your Old Junk into Cash

You’ve heard the expression “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.” Well now add “Make Cash” to that list.

If you’re like me, you have tons of old stuff sitting around your house that you no longer use. Whether it’s clothes your kids outgrew or old appliances that you’ve had replaced, the Internet can turn your garage into a goldmine.

What Can I Sell?

When it comes to identifying items worth selling, I would encourage you to think of the old adage “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” You never know what somebody will want or need, and you better believe the Internet will help you find that special someone. So don’t pass over an opportunity to make a few bucks while gaining some precious extra space around your house.

What Sites Should I Use?

While there are tons of websites out there, I would recommend using or

On eBay, you will find postings from around the world for everything under the sun, from antique lamps and clothing to a Buick.

It has two main options for selling your used goods, auction-style or a fixed price format. You can choose between these two formats based on how quickly you’d like to sell it and how firm your asking price is. Please note: there are some small sellers fees on eBay so please be sure to read the fine print. Also, you will be responsible for shipping your item so make sure your selling price covers shipping and packing costs.

If you’d like to sell more locally and don’t mind a little more legwork, Craigslist is a great option. Listings are free and you can sell directly without dealing with shipping. If you’re uncomfortable about inviting a stranger to your home, you can always offer to meet in a public place (but if you’re selling Whirlpool appliances that may be a little trickier.)

Essential Tips for Selling Online

Once you’ve determined how you’re going to use to sell your items, here are a few things to keep in mind when creating a listing:

  • Do your homework: Check for similar postings to see how much other items are being sold for. This will give you a better idea of the market and what details you might want to include in your listing.
  • Use quality photos: Seeing is believing. Make sure you have good photos with quality lighting so that viewers can best see your product.
  • Be detailed: It’s important to provide key product details. If you can, link to the product’s website with more details.
  • Be upfront: It’s important to be honest about the condition of your item. If you’re using eBay, deception can very negatively impact your seller status, and if you’re using Craigslist, your buyer will be seeing the product in person so there’s no use hiding flaws. Most items on these sites are used, so wear is expected.

Now that you have become educated on turning your junk, like old appliances, into cash, you might need to learn more about finding the best deals online for new items, like new KitchenAid appliances.

This guest post was written by Michelle Anderson.

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  1. Ebay has been a boon for me in getting rid of a lot of stuff I no longer have use for but are useful or even priceless for other people around the world. Although I must say I ended up buying just as much ‘junk’ myself from other people!

    tires’s latest blog post is The risks of driving on worn tiresMy Profile

  2. Not all old junk can be converted into cash. If this was the case applicable everywhere then everybody would have tried to sell of their old junk into cash which is just not correct. Till the time you do not have valuable content or data that would be required by companies dealing in that, you will not be able to sell of your junk into the market.

  3. You need to show the companies that your junk is good enough and worth to which they can pay. Not necessary that you exaggerate everything and show big. It’s just that you need to make them understand that your content would be of great help to them as well as their company and also that it will prove to be beneficial in the long run.

  4. If turning your old junk into cash is possible then it would be great news for all the bloggers and the editors who have written lovely blogs and articles but have not been able to impress their bosses with their creativity. I think for them it would be the best news for the day as they will now be able to turn their old junk into cash.

  5. First list down all the companies that you think will readily accept your junk. Then accordingly keep co-coordinating with all the companies. Ask from them for some time so that you are able to present well for what you want to offer. Then later list down the name of those companies who are willing to pay you a handsome amount for your junk and then take a call quickly.

    • Well Ebay will allow you to sell most of it, you could also sell your old mobile phones to sites like and even will buy your CDs, books, DVDs and games.

  6. I recently sold one of the oldest websites that I had made during my college days. I always wondered how that site would help me in future. The day when I read this blog I thought of trying to sell of the website by applying a good concept over it. It was a mind blowing idea as I have sold it for a good amount of money. I am very happy for it!

  7. I wonder what the companies really do after buying the old junk. How do they use it? If it is some kind of an object or a product that you want to sell than it is a separate story because anybody would buy it for sure. I want to sell of my cell phone. Hope I get a good price for my cell phone because with the same money I will buy a new one.

    • You’ll be surprised what people are looking to buy. I check out a lot of charity and junk shops to buy old CDs and albums that would cost me a fortune to buy from Amazon.

      There are plenty of sites where you can sell your phones, have a quick search on Google.

  8. I have recently sold my old cell phone to one of the person using e-bay. Yes it took me a while to find out the best bid till date but yes I sold my old phone at a good rate. This site is really amazing. You sell your cell phone or any other junk at the rate you feel it is worth selling. Also at the same time you even the buyers get to choose the junk at the rate they wish to.
    Jacob@buy microscope’s latest blog post is London Flooring contractors, National floor and carpet fitters, AndoverMy Profile

    • It is certainly better than throwing it in the garbage or handing it in to your local charity shop. In the UK there are many companies popping up who offer you money for your old phones.

  9. These days you get to see a lot of sites which allow you to sell your products on their site. There are even some of them who allow you to sell your used products over their site. This is just amazing. Now that I know some of the sites which will help me to sell my junk I have a long list with me which I want to sell off and buy some new ones.

  10. I believe in selling my stuff to the people I know as I have never made use of the internet to sell my products. Also I am not very sure whether I will ever be able to sell my products through the bidding websites like e-bay and since I do not trust them yet for the services they provide. May be probably I might start believing in it after I see someone else using them.

  11. There are a lot of sites to help you loose your old junk into cash. Now everything is possible over the internet. There are so many things to sell over the internet. By this I mean that not only do you sell of your electronics but also all the other things apart from it. You also can get over all of your old stories and old cd’s and DVD’s. Everything is possible now as there are ample of bidding sites available.

  12. Apart from just trying to turn your old junk into cash, it is now possible to even continue with barter exchange system. Recently I read a blog where the discussion was on clothes swap. I think it’s a great idea if you get to exchange your old and good condition electronics or other gadgets with the one that the others have. I don’t know whether how many of us would agree to this.

  13. You will find a lot of websites these days asking you to sell of your old junk and get some money in return. I wish I could sell of mine as well but since my sister still likes to use all that I at times wonder whether I will ever be able to sell of my old junk out of my house and buy some new stuff instead

    • Thankfully I don’t have that problem, although I’m the eldest of my siblings I am WAY behind when it comes to buying new things so there is no danger of them nicking my old junk. 🙂

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