How to Avoid Distractions While Working from Home

Working from home has different rules than working in the office setting. Therefore working from home has more distractions to interrupt your work anytime and may affect your work adversely. These distractions can be in the form of your kids, neighbors arrive unannounced, tempting inbox message, your phone call or anything else. Whatever the reason of distraction is, it is imperative to find some way out to avoid such distractions. Here are some of those many ideas that can work to focus on work and avoid distractions.

Setup a Workspace

Often people working from home do not create a special place for work. As such they fail to organize office tings well. For example if you need a file folder, you would have to go to your study room where you keep all your file folders. This not only consumes time but also it leaves you unorganized. So instead of making yourself habitual of working in front of TV or kitchen, find a workspace devoid of all such distractions. This will make you comfortable as well as productive.

Follow a Work Time Schedule

Almost each one of us has times in a day when we get most out of us. Now you have to analyze your particular time of high productivity and when you are most focused. Setting this time as your work time, you make shove distractions aside. So what are you waiting for! Set a time for workday and follow it religiously. At the same time make your near and dear ones known that you are not available for a particular time of day. However you need to be little flexible too as relations should always be the priority.

Do Not Forget to Take Breaks

This may sound strange to you but breaks contribute a lot in avoiding distractions. Including breaks in your working hours can make you more productive and encourage you to finish certain quantity of work on set targets. Regular breaks will also give you mental boost and revive you. But make sure break duration should not exceed 15 minutes as doing so may make you lose your enthusiasm. When you include set limits on your breaks you will be able to avoid interruptions and rather focus on the work more.

Avoid Interruptions

This is a direct way of avoiding distractions. This, however, doesn’t mean you need to be rude to your family members, co-workers or anything that is of priority. All you need to do is to learn how to courteously block distractions like phone calls, gossips, television, and kitchen while retaining focus on your work. You can turn your phone on silent at least and set up your working area away from noise and televisions.

Kids Need to Know You Are Working

No doubt your kids are your priority and you cannot ignore them at any cost. For this you need to convince your kids that you need to work now and you will talk to them a little later. Also you should create a work schedule such that it does not clash with your children’s important activities of the day. See that you are not blocking the time to be spent with your children. Utilize the time when your children are at learning center, or they are sleeping and playing. Soon your kids will understand you and you can work without distractions and later on playing with them guilt-free.

Follow the above mentioned tips to make your work space stay interruption free without any chance of you getting distracted. Stay focused on stay and be productive! Good luck and enjoy working from home while keeping distractions to a minimum!

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  1. These tips are very useful. I think the most difficult thing for me, is to actually sit down to START working. If I outline specific times, and 15 minutes for an occasional break as you mentioned above…this may actually help. Thanks so much!

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