HostMonster: Providing Reliability Since 1996

Anyone who has run a website, message board or blog in the past will tell you that web-hosting is a very complicated minefield these days, for every reliable web-host you will come across you will find that there are at least a dozen unreliable web-hosts.

Since I first accessed the internet, back in 2001, I must have gone though about 50 web-hosts because I signed up with so many unreliable ones and ones that would shut down without any warning, taking all my files with them.

Hostmonster have been one of the few hosting companies that have not only managed to stick around (they have been running since 1996) but they have also managed to maintain a reputation as a reliable hosting provider.

As they have gone along they have picked up really quickly on what we want from a web-host. We want awesome up-time, easy to use features, plenty of bandwidth, excellent customer support and sexy women(*).

Last year they picked up a number of best web hosting provider awards and best customer service awards from some of the top web-hosting review web sites on the internet. And they regularly receive 97%+ reviews.

Here are just a selection of the features you can expect:

And that starts from as little as $4.50 a month.

If you are looking for a new web-host then why not give Hostmonster a try and join the growing list of people who are raving about their services. I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

(*) Sexy women not provided.

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  1. I use Hostgator which is not too bad. Never heard of this one. Will have to check it out. Get back to me about the collabos okay? And, don’t forget the review. Speak later 🙂
    Ivin Viljoen’s latest blog post is Make Money- Market your Business by Self Publishing NewspapersMy Profile

  2. I’ll look at that one! One of my close friends who’s trying to create a new site said that one of the best web hosting site is Hostgator.. does that ring a bell? just wanna hear your opinion about it. .:)

    • I’ve never used Hostgator but there are plenty of people I know who have, some of them run blogs twice as popular as this one.

      I’ve only ever used their affiliate scheme where people would sign up under me and then cancel within a day so I got all my money taken away.

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