Get Paid To Have A Merry Christmas

If you are like me then you are probably not looking forward to the forthcoming holiday season. It is cold, there is never anything good on the TV, everything closes on Christmas Day and it will cost an absolute arm and a leg to buy presents, decorations and food.

While there is not much you can do about the first three reasons, that I mentioned, there is actually something that you can do about the whole shindig costing you an arm and a leg. And what is more you can do it from home.

You can take the sting out of paying for the latest toy crazes, that your children are demanding, by joining a web site called Get Paid To. It is a web site that pays you for taking part in surveys, filling in forms, completing free & trial offers, installing programs, joining sites and lots of other things.

With this particular site I have earned around $100.00, and that was with me just idly completing an offer here and there when I was bored. You can earn more from them if you spend an hour or two a day completing the many pages of offers they have available.

A large chunk of that $100.00 came to me last year when I was about to go on holiday so I was able to have more spending money than I thought, which was a very nice surprise to receive.

What Kind Of Offers?

There are many different types of offers available. There are offers that require you to have a credit card and also offers that require you to buy something in order to earn more money. To be honest I’m not going to dwell on those as I’m here to make money, not part with it. 😛

The offers that I (and I’m sure you) am interested in are the ones that don’t require you to spend any money, or the use of a credit card, and thankfully there are plenty of these available for us.

There are offers where you simply click on a link and get paid, ones where you complete polls, ones where you complete surveys, ones where you join sites, ones where you download and install programs to your PC and even ones where you join other GPT sites.

Affiliate System

I have been quite lazy when it comes to taking the offers, I might login and do a couple here and there when I am bored and have nothing to do. Obviously this is not going to help me make any money. But thankfully Get Paid To has a rather nice referral system in place.

Basically someone signs up with your link and then every time they earn any money Get Paid To will give you some money too.

I now make almost all my money from this.


The thing that I like about this site so much is that it has no minimum payout limit. You could have earned £0.10 and still get it paid to you through PayPal. They do require you the phone them when you make your first payout request, to confirm you own the account, but this is a one-off deal.

Final Thought

I am quite surprised that not more people are using sites like Get Paid To. I know it can become quite boring and tedious to have to fill out the offers but I find if you donate an hour or two a day then that should make it easier.

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  1. This is the first time I have heard of Get Paid To. I think I want to explore this. 🙂

    • As I have said it can be slightly boring if you try and do them all in one sitting, but if you do a set amount at a time then you will find it better.

      Don't forget to use your referral link to get other poeple to join because you can make more money when THEY complete offers.

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