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Guest blogging has been a popular method for both writers and blog owners alike; blog owners get fresh content for their site and writers get the opportunity to reach a completely new audience, it is also a great way of building backlinks or garner interest in a new product you’re promoting.

It wasn’t long before people started wondering if it was possible to make MONEY by accepting guest blog posts – step forward Guest Post.

Guest Post is a market place where guest bloggers can submit their articles and will pay blogs to publish them on their sites. The model seems to have changed since their launch, they used to allow blog owners to search through available offers and then submit an application to publish whatever guest posts they fancied, now guest posters are charged with seeking out the blogs they are interested in.

Account Creation

Creating an account as a blog owner could not be easier, you simply need to pick a username, password & enter your email address. Once you have your account it is then time to submit your blogs, picking a price for your blogs can be the hardest task of the whole procedure, here is a quick guideline taken from their FAQ:

PR2+ | DA 20+ – $20+
PR3+ | DA 30+ – $30+
PR4+ | DA 40+ – $40+

If you have a blog with a PR of 0 or 1 then I would suggest keeping the price to $5 and $10 respectively.

Forum Community

Although people come for the guest posts, there is also a growing forum community where you can talk shop with other members, ask for help with ideas for promoting your site, and you can even pick up cheap guest posts for a couple of Bucks.

But isn’t guest post dead?

Many people have been speculating about this for a few months now and with Matt Cutts talking about cutting down on guest posting it only seems to prove that they were right, but they have read it wrong. They are not going to kill guest posting, they are simply going to come down on those of you who write and publish spammy guest posts – which is good for all of us.

If you are interested in publishing quality guest posts on your blog, and making a bit of money while you’re doing it, then Guest Post is most definitely worth signing up with.

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  1. AM with Gescrew and i have not received any paid guest posts- only got one from the admin 😀
    I asked him if there are any advertisers here- he said maybe my niche ( – internet marketing, blogging) is not popular enough to get advertisers?

    I doubt if there are much advertisers there anyways.
    Do you have any place were I can pick up paid guest post?
    Sponsoredreviews come too cheap and mostly unrelated topics.
    Thank you.
    frank joseph’s latest blog post is Top 10 Method to Get Steady Referral Traffic to Your WebsiteMy Profile

  2. If the articles are well written, it may be worth the money, Google looks more and more on the quality of Articles today.

  3. Hey Dean, you are not looking at your comments 😀
    I went in search for paid posting websites and found linkvehicle and hope it works out great.
    frank joseph’s latest blog post is Journey to $200 a month using Amazon and AdsenseMy Profile

    • I’ve been a very busy boy, I’m in the middle of launching a music project which will see me promoting music gigs in London and it has eaten up a lot of my time. 🙂

      LinkVehicle seems to be an OK network, but they don’t send me offers very often and it sticks in my throat a bit that they take 50% of what I earn, but I see more and more networks are heading in that direction these days (I remember when Sponsored Reviews only took 35%).

      But they do pay. 🙂

  4. Most people want to do guest posts so they can get a link back and help with their search engine rankings. But Google doesn’t like paid links and will penalise a site selling them.

    So if you charge for guest posts that contain links then you’re in danger of Google penalising your site. If you make the links NoFollow then that would be fine – that’s what Google wants you to do. But many people paying for a guest post won’t be happy with that.

  5. I’ve heard about guest crew but with google targeting such things I would stay away from it.
    HomeTropical’s latest blog post is Angkor Table Inspired by 12th Century Cambodian TemplesMy Profile

    • It is scaremongering, if you play the game correctly then there is still plenty of money to be made from sponsored posts in general, you just need to know what you are doing. 🙂

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