Four Ways to Make Money Online in Your Spare Time

Many households are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the monthly bills and the cost of daily necessities in this current economic climate. Many people are finding that even the jobs they currently have are no longer certain and secure. It is for this reason that many people are looking towards the internet in order to provide a steady and sustainable income for the household.

Although this endeavour may at first start out as a venture on the side of regular full-time employment many fast discover that the work may in fact be enough to give up regular full-time employment. There are many advantages to working from home including the ability to dictate your own hours and work patterns. Here are four ways to make money online in your spare time and perhaps these endeavours may materialise into a more sustainable source of income for the home in the future.

  1. Sell photos on stock photography sites. This is a great way to earn money without doing an awful lot of work if photography already happens to be one of your passions in life. The idea behind this venture is that a person can upload their photos onto an online photography stock site. Bear in mind that such photographs do have to be of a very high and superior quality and a professional camera will no doubt be needed. However, once the photos are uploaded they can be used by businesses looking for photos to include in promotional literature and for other uses. Each time a photo of yours is used and paid for by a business, you too get paid for your work. Initially it may take time to upload photos onto a stock site but after that there is little work to be done to start earning money!

  2. Get involved with online life coaching. If you feel that you have a particular flair for helping people through life’s problems then getting involved with online life coaching is the perfect way in which to start making money. In this busy and fast-paced modern lifestyle that many lead it is difficult to find the time to seek coaching options. Thus, providing this service through e-mail and other electronic means makes receiving advice and coaching easier. No qualifications needed – just good word of mouth recommendations!

  3. Write online reviews for pay or for other perks. This is especially effective if you already have an online website or blog dealing with a specific interest. Companies may offer certain perks, free products or money for writing favourable reviews about their items. The only disadvantage of this is that you may have to face difficult decisions when a product you are supposedly promoting turns out to be below standard.

  4. Set up an online shop through eBay or another similar website. It is easy to buy items and products in bulk for a reasonably cheap price and then set up an online store that sells such items and at inflated rate. This is a very simple business idea and does not take a lot of time – you simply sit back and wait for your orders to come in. The only thing’s you may need to set this up is a good idea for a sellable product and a few cardboard boxes for packaging.

Article written by Crispin Jones on behalf of UK Packaging.

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  1. Great ideas. I also like taking surveys while watching television. You won’t make a lot of money but for a few extra bucks a month this is great.

    • I’m a big fan of surveys. I once paid for a weekend away soley by completing surveys and offers on a site called Get Paid To (sadly no longer around). Not only did I pay for the hotel and travel but I also took about $400 Dollars with me for spending.
      Dean Saliba’s latest blog post is Kipper FeetMy Profile

  2. Great tips but I would also like to add one more way through which you can earn online a lot. I have been writing articles and earning money through it. If you have a good vocabulary, you can do that as well. There are many websites who are ready to pay you good money for a 500 word article and you can write whenever and wherever you want. There is no kind of investment in earning through this way like it would take to set up an online shop.

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