Fancy A Free Credit Report?

How many of you have applied for a credit card, a loan or something else that has required a credit history check, only to be turned down because of something in your credit history?

When this happens have you ever wondered if there was a way to get hold of a report on your credit history so that you can see exactly what these checks reveal and where exactly you went wrong?

Well not a lot of people know this but it is perfectly legal to gain a copy of your own credit report, in fact there are quite a few companies dotted around the world who can send you your own credit history report for a small fee.

Some companies will even send you a free credit report. This is basically a quick review of your credit history in a very brief detail, obviously if you want a more detailed and thorough account your of credit history then you will have to pay a small fee.

I actually know some people who have requested a cop of their credit history and then once they have received it and read through it they have picked out the parts where they have gone wrong and have paid off the debt, this is known as a credit repair.

About two years ago I decided to find out what my credit history file contained about me, I contacted one of the many companies available and after parting with a small fee they sent me the report. To be honest I was astonished at how detailed it is, people believe that once you move to a new house then your credit history starts again, I can tell you that this is far from true.

I was looking at my credit rating from the previous 10 years and I had moved house about six times in that time frame! I really do suggest getting your credit history, it is an eye opener for sure!

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