Entrecard Going To The Wall?

Some of you may be aware of the web site Entrecard. They help you bring in more traffic by displaying your ads on other blogs without breaking your bank account. You pay for these ads with credits which you earn by allowing people to advertise on your own blog.

It has not brought me in a huge heap of traffic but it has certainly done enough to warrant me keeping it on my blog. But sadly I’m not too sure how long this will be the case after the last update that they did.

They have introduced a new feature called Paid Ads. These are adverts that will be displayed on your blog by people who have paid Entrecard real money. You will not get a penny of this money, it all goes to Entrecard.

This is because Entrecard are losing money.

At the moment you can choose whether you wish to have these paid ads on your blog or not but they have hinted that if the majority of people reject them then they might make it a mandatory thing in the not too distant future.

There are other ways for them to make money (adverts on the control panel?) but I think it is rather unfair to force members to display paid ads for them when we will not be getting anything for it and they have also announced these paid ads will bump off the credit ads.

Do you use Entrecard? Are you happy having their paid ads on your blog knowing you will not get a penny for them? Do you think this could be the nail on the Entrecard coffin?

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