Did Blog Distributor Finally Pay Me?

Recently I made a big noise about a company called Blog Distributor Inc not paying me the money that they owed me, every month they would simply push my payment date back a month and ignore every email that I ever sent to their support team.

Negative Publicity

I not only posted about this on a couple of popular websites & blogs (including this blog), but I also mentioned it on Twitter and Facebook and I even contacted a few companies who had sent out press releases about going into business with Blog Distributor Inc.

It was shortly after I contacted ActSeed (one of the companies partnering up with them) that I finally got a reply from someone associated with Blog Distributor, someone running the ActSeed Facebook account passed on my complaint and I was emailed within hours by a Mr. Bruce Chapman.

He was rather rude and sent me a very blunt email:


I am assuming that your complaint is about not getting paid. Our payment policy clearly states that bloggers outside of the United States get paid when they accumulate $100. in billings. You have only accumulated $72. in billings due. You should not be complaining about not getting paid when you have not met the standard billing amount.


I checked the terms again (I must have checked them over a dozen times since I started working with them) and lo and behold they had secretly tacked on a new rule at the end that stated a non-US blogs would be paid once they hit $100. This was not there BEFORE, they couldn’t even be bothered to hide it within the other rules & pretend I missed it.

I was prepared to let this go, after all I had just received an email (which I still have) promising me that once I hit $100 they would pay me. I did a few more job opportunities for them and they were swiftly approved.

They now owed me $140, so I had passed the $100 minimum and every job opportunity said that they would be paid on September 4th.

Did They Pay Out?

When September 1st came around I had a quick check and noticed that the payout date was again pushed back a month. September 4th came and went without any payment being sent to me.

I contacted their support team and also sent an email to Bruce Chapman, since he had a different email address, on the 1st of the month and again on the 5th of the month and have received no reply at all from anybody.

There is someone there though because they manually review the completed opportunities and they check newly submitted blogs and I have just had a blog rejected for not meeting their ‘high standards’.

So What Now?

I am not sure what my next move will be, maybe I should just put this down to experience and walk away and warn as many people as possible to keep clear of Blog Distributor. Maybe I should ask the guy who works for Actseed to send on my complaint again as it worked the last time.

What would you do if you were in my position?

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  1. Not much you can do really, I would probably forget it
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  2. I think you should forget this issue and move on because fighting back on this platform is not easy and would fetch you no profits. And I am scared that you might tend to degrade your online image in front of other bloggers and readers who do not agree with your views.

  3. I agree to what the writer says – one should stand for one’s rights but I will not suggest the writer to run after this one thing and forget the rest of your career. This thing I know is wrong but if you want justice you will have to take legal actions which is time consuming. So my suggestions would be to drop it as a whole and concentrate on your work so that you don’t run out of work. But yes I would also tell you to make sure that you don’t ever get into this thing so take proper precautions before working for any company.

    • Taking legal action is a waste of time in my opinion as it is a long and drawn out process that would cost me far more than they owe me and I’d probably lose anyway.

      I’m not pursuing it any longer, I’m concentrating on my other avenues but I felt the need to let people know so they can avoid them as well. 🙂

  4. Dean, you have taken the right decision at the right time. It is actually no use running after these people who don’t have any ethics of their own. However it was very kind of you to post it on the net so that everyone becomes aware of such fraud companies and does not work for them.

  5. That is pretty ridiculous that they wouldn’t pay you since they know this will bring them negative publicity. I hope they pay you eventually, but I would avoid working with them in the future.

    I haven’t heard of them until now. Your warning about them is very appreciated.

    – Jason
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    • Sadly there isn’t much else I can do apart from try and warn people not to work with them. Even if they surprise me and pay me the money they owe me on October 4th I will still not be working with them again.

  6. I’ve earned well over the supposed minimum $100 threshold and I’m still waiting. In an effort to get a response from BD I have included my concerns in my paid posting jobs and have submitted the posting as the job. hopefully that will get a reaction!
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