BloggingAds Closes It’s Doors

There has been a constant problem over at BloggingAds which has irritated me for a good few months now, and that is a database error when you try and search for new offers. I have mentioned before about sending them an email about it and being labelled as a spammer.

Today I sent them another email and this time I actually received an email that wasn’t accusing me of sending them spam. The email informed me that they would not be fixing the problem because the site was being closed down as they no longer attracted a single advertiser.

I know that some people had their problems with BloggingAds, but in my experience they were one of the more trustworthy sites to work with and although I only made $130 with them I received all of it and the topics they offered me were rather interesting.

The one thing that I keep thinking about is when the email said they had not been attracting one single advertiser for months, why did they not attract ANY and yet networks like Sponsored Reviews and Buy Blog Reviews post hundreds every week?

I can only think that BloggingAds had a much stricter requirement, which ultimately cost them their business.

Did you ever use BloggingAds? What was your experience with them like?

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  1. I have never used them, but it is always sad to see trusted business dies. they would have employed someone/company to help revive it back.
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    • After publishing this post I was told that the company who owned BloggingAds was an SEO company called Big Oak Inc, I’m assuming they wanted to spend their energy on other areas rather than the sponsored post one.

  2. Hi dean,
    Is it true ‘I only made $130 with them I received all of it and the topics they offered me were rather interesting.’ We need to work hard to achieve these steps.

    Thanks for sharing this 🙂
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