Blogging Ads Classes me as Spam for Sending Support Email

Recently I was checking Blogging Ads, one of the many sponsored post networks that I’m part of and I noticed there was an error, when I clicked on the Check Opportunities link for one of my blogs I got a database error, this has been happening for a while and only happens when I check one blog.

I thought I would shoot them a quick email to notify them of this problem, after taking about 30 minutes to find their support email address (why do so many sites hide their support or contact information?) I fired off an email to a Sheila Harris informing her of the error. I received a reply back saying she was on holiday and would respond when she got back.

I then received an email later on in the week confirming that Sheila (or someone with access to her email account) had looked at my email and had marked it as SPAM! So I take the time to tell you about an error on your site and you consider my email spam?

I sent her another email telling her that my email was legitimate and again told her of the problem, a day later I received another email informing me that my email had again be branded as SPAM and had been deleted without being read!

I sent a third and final email that just said “Bit rude isn’t it?” not expecting a reply back, I did get a reply, it was to tell me that my email had been marked as SPAM again and that the email had been deleted by the account holder without being read.

So is this how Blogging Ads deals with their support questions? No wonder they are sinking away.

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    I have never heard of blogging ads. Is it similar to Adsense? What kind of ads they offer?
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