Blogger’s Review Is Not For Everyone

Blogger’s Review is one of the smaller networks on the market, although I have been with them for about six months, and checked them out daily, I found my interest in checking in with them falling away so I was basically checking them once a week if that.

One of the the main problems with this review network is that they do not seem to have a huge amount of offers, in fact they seem to only have the same four or five offers from the some advertisers all the time – and two of them are to advertise Blogger’s Review themselves.

Another problem is the amount the network pays you, you will be lucky if you see any offers for more than $3.00-$5.00. I have been using pagerank 1 blogs though so a higher PR blog might fare better.

When I first joined I submitted two blogs and they were both accepted and I was given the opportunity to write a review for each blog (two reviews in case you can not count). That was in July 2008 and I have not received a single offer since.

Pay out was very prompt and was about two weeks after the review was approved. This is one thing that the network has going for it as some insist on paying 30 days later.

If they wish to compete then they need to get in more offers to entice people over and maybe jiggle their system a little bit. As I write this there are currently three offers that have been sitting there since October 2008 and nobody is eligable for them.

They also are not quick when it comes to approving/declining submitted blogs, I believe my first blog submitted took about a month and I added a third one which is still pending 6 weeks later.

Good Points

– Not a lot of people know about them yet.
– Pay very fast.
– They have a referral system.

Bad Points

– Not many reviews.
– Takes ages to approve/decline blogs.
– Offers are lowly priced.

If you have a high PR blog and wish to earn the odd $5.00 a post then this might be of interest to you but until they shake things up a bit then they will simply be a half dead fish in a very big and hungry pool.

Total Earned: $6.00
Rating: 2/10
URL: URL removed as site has closed.

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