Blog Distributor Should Be Avoided Like The Plague

I like to give everybody the benefit of the doubt, so when I received an email a couple of years ago from a guy informing me about a new sponsored post network I decided to give it a try and see how it panned out.

It took me ages to get one of my small blogs accepted because they kept nit-picking about certain things on the blog, but after weeks of trying I was finally accepted. A couple of months later I received my first assignment and submitted it and had it approved quickly.

That was in July 2011 and I am still waiting for them to pay me. Every month they keep pushing the date back by a month despite stating on their site that they pay every week.

I have fired off FIVE emails to them, three via their contact form and two via an email address on their site, and they have not replied to ANY of them. I have searched Google to see if anyone else has not been paid and have seen no bad things being reported about them.

Has anyone had any dealings with this site?

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  1. The fact that they are consistently late in making payments is indicative of deeper problems within the company. There’s probably a lot more to this story we don’t know about.

    • I submitted a couple of smaller blogs and they reviewed them and approved them within a week so something is definitely wrong, they will approve new blogs but own’t answer their support?

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