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Best Ways to Keep the Company’s Kitchen Clean

Even if you work in a small office, you know that things can get chaotic in the kitchen. Why? The answer is simple – very few people like cleaning up after they’ve used the microwave, a mug or a plate. In the end of the day, you’ll probably see a huge pile of dirty dishes in the sink, breadcrumbs on …

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How Often Do Copyrights Need To Be Renewed?

According to the copyright law of 1909, works copyrighted in the United States before January 1, 1978 were subject to a renewal system where the original term of copyright was divided into two new, consecutive terms. At that point, there were strict requirements regarding time for which renewal registration was required as a condition of securing the second term and …

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How to Begin Planning for Retirement

For the majority of 20- and 30-something adults, retirement seems like an incredibly long time away. As a result, many of these employees neglect to consider saving for their later years. However, creating a retirement investment strategy can provide an ample financial cushion, allowing for a fully enjoyable retirement age. Financial security must be created through careful commitment and planning.

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Tips to Securing Your Business Network

If there’s one thing small business owners need to pay more attention to, it’s their computer network in their place of business. A 2012 PC World study showed that over 30 percent of all cyber attacks were targeted at small businesses.

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Features to Look for in a Point-of-Sale System

Choosing a point-of-sale system can be a critical point in your business. The right POS system will help you track sales, as well as keep your inventory totals up-to-date. If you choose the right system, you can even have additional features. If you do not know where to start, check out this list. Here are some of the most popular …

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Office Kitchen Etiquette Guidelines To Post For Your Employees

Every office goes through its trials and tribulations when it comes to the kitchen. Whether it is arguing over a stolen food item or complaining about someone not cleaning up after themselves, you can bet that something will arise in your office’s kitchen. To help prevent as much of these kitchen squabbles as possible, it is best to create office …

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