August 2009 Blog Income Report

Some of your might have noticed that I have not made a post since the start of the month. I became annoyed and frustrated with my poor internet connection so decided to change to a better provider. Only problem was there was a three week wait before the new contract started.

I was not going to publish an income report for the month of August because of this but I thought it would not be right to miss out a month, after all I still received traffic and I did make some money despite not posting.

I started this as a little side project in November 2007 to determine if it was at all possible to earn proper money on the internet as many other people have claimed to have done before me.

Page Impressions & Visitor Count

Not surprisingly the stats for the month of August have dropped quite a bit. That is quite understandable as I have not made a single post in the past 31 days.

The unique visitor count for August stands at 331, which is down 121 on the month of July.

Google reported that the number of page views for August was 507, which is a big drop off 301 from July.

This means that each unique visitor looked at 1.53 pages.

Google’s search engine accounted for 34.74% of my traffic.

Money Money Money!

Adbrite = $0.21 (+$0.12)
Adsense = $8.25 (+$0.47)
Adtoll = $0.58 (+$0.58)
Bidvertiser = $0.14 (+$0.14)
Clicksor = $0.27 (+$0.17)
Kontera = $0.04 (+$0.02)
Reviews = $28.25 (-$11.75)
Smowtion = $0.27 (+$0.12)
Social Spark = $7.75 (-$10.46)
TLA = $17.67 (-$3.63)

Total = $63.43 (-$23.92)

* It looks like Kontera will be removed at the end of the year as they are paying out something like $0.01 per click.

* Bidvertiser continue to be incredibly selective about which clicks they accept and which they don’t. I think they will be gone at the end of the year as well.

Top Five Search Terms

I like this part of the monthly income report. It is amazing how people find my blog on search engines.

1. i need discipline
2. wordpress internal server error
3. wordpress comment Internal Server Error
4. specticles
5. July 2009 Blog Income Report

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  1. Now that you are back. You can focus on working hard. I sure you can reach $100 this month.

    • These breaks I have normally mean when I return I have a bit of fire in me to crack on and get to work. So hopefully I iwll be able to break the $100 dollar mark this month. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for dropping by and I hope you get good results with your blog this month. πŸ™‚

  2. $63 is really good. Keep working at it and don't give up. Greg Ellison

  3. give me money bro.. hahahha

  4. I like money so much..haha πŸ˜€

  5. It was good luck and visit sometime myblog

  6. I think $63 is good.Thanks for dropping such a nice post…

  7. Changing ISPs is always a pain….I wanted to move from ATT to Brightpoint because I hate ATT…but after experience even worst service from Brightpoint, I went back to ATT…damn Internet.

  8. i just used google ads so far, i have to try used another ad site like you. keep the hard working.

  9. You have finally got your feet back to the ground.You started working again.That's encouraing!!!

  10. wow great income , this is nice effort for making online from the google adsense and ad
    and in the future you will earn more in the future too.

  11. still you made money ..congrat.. i would really like to learn the way i could earn money from home.. you make it sound so easy but i bet its not..

  12. Hi!
    I would like to know how many hours you put in to this. Like, what is the approximate average hourly wage?

    • At the moment it is difficult to answer as I am not always around to run the blog regularly. For example you’ll notice I have not posted an update since September 1st.

      When I do it regularly I spend about five hours a week on the blog. If I spent more I’d make more. The people who make thousands a month spend more time on their blog than most people do at work.

  13. Interesting, I hope everything works out with the blog. Keep in mind the more often you update the blog the more often google will spider your site.

  14. Thanks for dropping such a nice post…I think $63 is good mark.

  15. Kontera pays well even if they do not pay as high as other advertisers-~,

  16. between Kontera and Infolinks, i would have to say that infolinks beats kontera.

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    Both Kontera and Infolinks are great programs that can monetize your website, I earn much better on Infolinks.

  18. Quick Cash Loans

    Earning $63 is not really bad. Keep up this blogging and earning as mucha s possible.

  19. You are earning a fine amount of money with blogging. Keep blogging like this and earning good amount of money.

    • No, Private reviews don’t come along that much, why pay me $10/$20 to write a sponsored post when you can get one for $5 on PayPerPost.

      I started the private writing gigs at the beginning of 2011. πŸ™‚

  20. Thanks for your nice experience to share with us. I think $63 is good sound but i earned $25 which is so low sound

  21. your blog income report is month August so now you should update your post and change blog report.

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