AddMeFast Increases Subscribers But Not For Long

I think 2012 truly is the year that people start to really try and harness the power of social media promoting. I know a lot of people have been doing it for a few years, but every year needs a buzzword, or a ‘thing’, and 2012 is definitely social media pimping.

So everywhere you look people are desperately asking how they can increase their Facebook fan pages and Twitter accounts so they can do more business, it is all about the Likes and the Followers.

I saw several people recommending a website recently called AddMeFast and decided to check it out since I had a couple of hours to kill and fancied doing something productive.

Evolution of the Traffic Exchange

Are you old enough to remember the traffic exchange networks? These were networks where you would visit a website in the program in order to receive a visit to your website by someone else. Well AddMeFast is a social media equivalent, but with a bit of a twist.

AddMeFast gives you access to the potential to attract not only Facebook fans and Twitter followers (for these respective fan pages and Twitter accounts), but it also offers access to a host of other sites such as Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, SoundCloud, StumbleUpon and even normal old-fashioned websites.

For my experiment I decided to go with Facebook Likes for a fan page.

Points Win Likes

The whole thing runs on a points system and there are two ways to get points.

1. You Buy Them – If you don’t fancy spending time ‘liking’ other pages then you can just buy points, they offer a number of Packs starting from Pack #2 (there is no Pack #1) at $10 for 1500 points and ending with Pack #6 at $400 for 150,000 points.

2. You Earn Them – If you are not happy spending money, then you can simply do the free route and earn points by ‘liking’ pages, this might take a while, but it is good to do when you have time to spare.

In typical fashion I went with the free option. 😛

Setting Up Your Site

Before you start earning points you should set up the page you are going to be using. It is very simple, you just select what type it is (Facebook, Google+, etc), enter in the name of the page, the URL of the page and then finish off by putting down how many points you will give for each ‘like’.

Obviously the higher the offer the more takers you will get, I offered 10 points and spent all my points within a minute, the highest amount offered (after mine) that I saw was 9.

Now you have your site listed it is time to get some points under your belt. The points normally show up in your total straight away, although there were a couple of times when points didn’t turn up until an hour later.

Does it work?

Yes it does work, I increased my fan page from 150 to 274 within a couple of days, but the main problem is that once people ‘like’ your page and receive the points the majority of them quickly remove themselves and there is nothing in place stop this, the points stay with them.

As I write this over 75 of the people who ‘liked’ my page have removed themselves as soon as they got the points and I am expecting more to follow in the morning.

It is a shame the creators can’t deduct points from the people who immediately ‘unlike’ your page, or even implement a system that deducts points if you ‘unlike’ within a certain time frame.

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  1. Admin!
    is addmefast providing the face book likes ?
    house for sale in corfu’s latest blog post is DetailsMy Profile

  2. Thank you. I’m not aware of such service until I read it here – on your blog. Based on your observations (removal of likes) do you think addmefast is worth the shot, considering it takes time to gain those free points?
    Ruby’s latest blog post is Can’t spend time with your kids anymore? Hire a Rental Property ManagerMy Profile

  3. Although I have been running a number of niche websites for a long time, I am only recently entering into the more active field of blogging. Stuff like social media that I was easily able to put off before is now an area I need to study and participate in to a much greater degree, especially if social media becomes even more important in Google’s future algorithms like I suspect it will.

    I hope you follow up on using this service at some point down the road. It would be interesting to hear if it gives you a sustainable improvement in your social media services (like more participation, comments, etc) or if the people who follow either drop out right away or stay with you but are not really active. It is probably easy to get loads of likes with something like Fiverr, but finding active participants is always far more difficult.
    Garrett’s latest blog post is The Three Trade Types of Elite Range Bar TradingMy Profile

    • I’ve been trying to promote with social media for a couple of years and still struggle with it. 🙂

      This site have increased my Facebook Likes but my total is nothing compared to the ones who have liked my page and then immediately unliked it again once they received their points.

  4. I don’t know. I’m very skeptical about things like this. I think it’s best if we do it the natural way. I’ll check out this addmefast thing and we’ll see. My friend went from 1200 likes to 11000 likes in 3 days the natural way and for free almost. He just created a stupid quiz and to take that quiz you first had to like his page. After 3 days facebook canceled the quiz but it doesn’t matter. he kept all the likes
    New Body’s latest blog post is The Top Five Best Diets to Consider TodayMy Profile

    • That sounds like a good idea. Someone probably reported him and his quiz, people on Facebook do that a lot these days, I was banned from posting on my own fan page recently because someone reported me for posting spam (it was a link to my own article on my own fan page).

  5. Now this is something new. Facebook Likes to aid in promoting a business through the page. Great idea to exchange Likes by AddMeFast. But the prospect of being able to Unlike the page is daunting. Our efforts of liking other pages might go in vain. I won’t mind trying it out though.

    • They don’t just offer the chance to increase Facebook Likes but also Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, SoundCloud, StumbleUpon and even normal old-fashioned websites.

      They have said to me that they have some sort of system in place to find people who abuse the system and ban them but haven’t gone into detail.

  6. I think it is a very fickle way of promoting your business. But if it works, then why not give it a try. Obviously the part about unliking a page as soon as you get your points works as a disadvantage. However, in short-term sight I think ‘Add me fast’ is worth a try.

    • I think it is the easy option for people who are struggling to do it the natural way or just don’t have the time. You’re right though the fact that people can unlike straight away is worrying. I have unlike a couple of likes to test how they will discover what I have done.

  7. I’ll have to check this out. I’m currently struggling with social media since I’ve never been into it much. I created a twitter account for the sole reason that I thought I needed one on my blog. Didn’t have a personal account lol.

    I am skeptical about this though. Feels like I’m cheating lol. It’s like you’re paying for the likes (points??? i dont really understand how it works yet).
    Malds Menzon’s latest blog post is How to Make a Website – a step by step guide on how to do it yourselfMy Profile

    • pretty straight forward: You like an FB page (or follow someone on Twitter, etc) and you receive points, you then offer these points to people to like your FB page. There is an option to buy points if you don’t want to like lots of things but I’m too cheap to go down that road. 🙂

  8. If it helps increase page popularity, I’d definitely want to try it out. But it does seem like an unfair deal that you give away your hard-earned points to those who will unlike the page as soon as they earn points. If at all, a system is put in place, how are they going to determine who likes which page for how long? Do keep us updated as to what measures are being taken to ensure that people do not unlike the page immediately.

  9. I’ve this sevice before and I had same kind of experience as yours.

    Getting likes from this kind of service is invaluable, in my opinion. Most of then will be like from the people who don’t even care about our site.

    Thanks for sharing your experience, Dean! 🙂
    Anup Kayastha’s latest blog post is How I Sold Over 500+ Copies of My eBook In Just 3 MonthsMy Profile

    • I will be posting a followup article about this service next month which I hope will include some information on how their system will stop people abusing it. 🙂

      Thank you for checking out my blog Anup, I’ve visited your blog and have found it very informative. 🙂
      Dean Saliba’s latest blog post is Baby on ComputerMy Profile

  10. Nice post.Getting likes from this kind of service is invaluable, in my opinion. Most of then will be like from the people who don’t even care about our site.thanks for thats.

  11. I think, if you look at short term prospects, this service will at least give your page/business some recall value. But in the long run, I don’t think it is going to affect your business. Unless of course, some significant changes are made in the service like/unlike policy. Waiting for your next article. Thanks Dean.

  12. This site seems useful and as everything has its advantages as well as disadvantages, it is the same with AddMeFast. However, I think there will be genuine people who donot unlike the pages as soon as they get the points but they stay. So we can atleast keep on trying and expect to get through it successfully.

  13. AddMeFast is good for those who are getting the points by liking your page but for those who own the pages, its a complete loss. And yes the authorities can’t help much in this case, though they set up systems which somehow ban these people from liking your page just for points but in reality they don’t do anything.

    • I am beginning to come to the conclusion that this service is just something to make you feel good about seeing your subscriber list increase, most of the people won’t be interested in any of your content.

  14. Is there any disadvantage if people ‘like’ and remove from the page?

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