When I first saw the layout of Blog Advertising Store I thought that I recognised the layout, in fact I was not only 100% sure that I had seen this design before but I already had an account with this site so I must have used them before. How could I not remember this site? …

A Blog Advertising Store By Any Other Name

When I first saw the layout of Blog Advertising Store I thought that I recognised the layout, in fact I was not only 100% sure that I had seen this design before but I already had an account with this site so I must have used them before. How could I not remember this site?

Well it turns out that they used to be called Paying Post, a site that I indeed do remember signing up to several months ago, they had simply changed their name and their domain name but had left everything else as it was before. Actually if you go to the Direct page they still have the Paying Post badges. 🙂

My first impression when I saw this layout, back when it was called Paying Post, was that this was yet another Pay-Per-Post clone site. The offer page is the same (split into three sections: All Opportunities, Qualified Opportunities and Blogadvertisingstore.com Opportunities), they even had the same Direct badges that Pay-Per-Post offer.

Although they have obviously used Pay-Per-Post’s web site style as a template they have thankfully not used their business practices.

There are no silly $0.50 offers. In fact the lowest offer I saw was for $5.00 and that was a quick 50 word review of their site. Higher PR blogs can take reviews for around $25.00. Although the top review for $25.00 was for a PR5+ blog. Not sure how many PR5+ blogs would be willing to do a review for $25.00.

As I write this I have written eight reviews for them, most of them seem to be for web directories, but seeing as this is a blog about making money online and improving your blog web directories are a topic I cover on here anyway.

Their minimum payout could be something that will put a lot of people off of using them. The minimum payout stands at $100.00 which I think is quite possibly the highest out of the networks I have used in the last two years.

They explain their decision for the high payout by rationalising that this is to reduce the monthly refunds they give to their advertisers when bloggers delete reviews and alter links after being paid. It’s a shame but it sounds like some bloggers have spoiled it for the rest of us.

Probably the two negatives from my point of view are that there is no referral option (although they have been looking into setting this up) and you can only bid on a review with one blog, so if you have three blogs (like I do) you can only have one go for one review.

Good Points

– $100 minimum payout means that only quality bloggers will be bothering to join.

– Reviews are priced at a reasonable amount.

– Reviews are not all about credit cards, loans, health or insurance.

– They accept PR0 blogs.

– You are only allowed to do one review in a 24 hour period.

Bad Points

– $100 minimum payout means that it could be some time before you see payment

– They can kick their heels when approving posts.

– You can only bid on a review with one blog.

– No referral program.

Blog Advertising Store seem to have their feet on the ground, they obviously don’t want to rush into things and try and dethrone Pay-Per-Post as the king just yet, they are happy to slowly creep up on them and shove them out of the chair when they are least expecting it.


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  1. Have you been paid by them so far? I’ve been hearing a lot of rumblings in the works that they haven’t been paying at all for the past couple of months. I’d hate to put in all that effort and get nothing out of it. -_-

    • As of today I have not been paid.I no longer endorse this network and would advise you to steer very clear of them.

      I will be writing a blog post about this by the end of the week.

  2. hello, do you know if they are a scam site? do they pay or not?

    • Hello,

      I can not confirm if tthey pay or not as I have not yet reached their $100 minimum payout limit. I am about $10 away from it though and as soon as I find out I'll create a post here.

      • I'm $5 away from it and have two assignments waiting to be approved and you're right about them kicking their heels for approval. Those two assignments have been pending approval for close to ten days now! Siggghhhh …

  3. Hi,

    I’ve reached 100$ and I haven’t paid for it until now. 🙁

    • As of today I have not been paid the $116 that they promised to pay me. I no longer endorse this network and encourage anyone thinking of using them to steer well clear.

  4. Blogadvertisingstore is purely a scam. I had reached 117 USD in Dec itself still they haven't payed me. Up to my experience all other advertising ntw's don't have any threshold limit. Another heart breaking issue is that my friend who passed 130 USD. His account is deleted from the database. He cant access the account when he went for forgot password option. Their system says your mail ID is not in our database. See how they are ! They are a pure scammers. Wake up guys.. They are eating money from advertisers and not paying to anyone…

    • As I'm only about $4 away from the payout requirement I am really hoping that what happened to you was a rare error on their part.

      When I reach the payout I will definitely publish on this blog, and the many popular MMO forums, and let people know if this company pay out or not.

  5. If so, Just Google it . You could find lots of witnesses.

  6. If you search Google you will find plenty of people who think review sites like Bloggerwave are a scam, yet I've been happily getting paid from them for the last two years.

    • Ya i agree that Bloggerwave is not a scam. They had payed me up to now. No pblm with any other networks other than BAS.

  7. I removed all posts I have written to them including links… is there a way that they will be punished or something?