5 Ways to Enjoy Your Weekend Without Spending Any Money

You have a weekend coming up and an empty bank account. The weekend is supposed to be a time for you to relax and unwind after a long, hard week. How can you make this happen? You do not have to sit at home and be bored. You do not have to break into your savings, either. Instead, get creative and find ways to make this a fun weekend without spending money at all.

Here are a few tips to help you with the process. You may find these are just idea starters and that you can create an interesting weekend similar to these.

  • Go camping but make a rule that you can only take the items at home with you. This puts a bit more challenge on the process. If there is not a free campground locally, camp in the backyard. You can only buy and cook what you have at home. Take games with you to play, too.
  • Take a good look around your house. What do you have sitting around that you have never gotten to take advantage of because you have not had time? Have you slept in that hammock you got for Father’s Day? Have you played that role-playing game with the kids you got over the holidays? How about those bikes hanging in the garage, can you take them down and ride them? What is sitting around that you could do?
  • Take the time to break out the pictures and just relax with the family scrapbooking. Put on a few good movies on television, sit around, and talk about all the memories you have from the pictures you’ve found. You can often make this an event for friends and family, too, not just you.
  • Find out what is going on in your local community that may be free. Is there a concert in the park this weekend? Does the local recreation center have fun activities planned for the kids this weekend? You may find a few activities through churches or charities, too. Participate in a fundraising event so that when the weekend is over, you feel good about yourself.
  • Hang out with a group of friends. This is a fun way to spend the weekend, without spending money. Each family can bring a snack or a covered dish. Play cards with the guys or hang out and chat. You can also spend this time talking with your loved one about your goals or just relaxing without doing anything.

It is a good idea to have a few weekends where you just do not spend money, even if you do have it in the bank account. Doing this can help you to keep a little more money in your bank account for that weekend away or in a bigger project or need later on. Sometimes, being creative may be necessary and it does not have to cost you a lot of money to have fun. How can you be creative?

George Gallagher is a personal finance and education blogger. His latest project has him helping students find California student loans.

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  1. I prefer hanging out with my friends. In my opinion, if I have a few bucks in my pocket , or even if I don’t, I love to hang out with them, whenever I get time to.
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  2. Usually week-ends are for spending money: shopping for food, clothes, etc. what you can’t do the entire week, but it’s good from time to time to have fun without spending almost nothing.

    I usually cook on weekends and watch some old movies or just read and relax.

    • Do you know what I did yesterday? I spent the day sitting on a couch reading with someone. We each had a book and just read quietly with each other and it was brilliant. 🙂

  3. Nice tips! I always wait for the article like this one. But, what if I am in the big boring city, away from home and have no money left? Are there great tips suitable for me? 🙂
    Andrew Walker’s latest blog post is TipTopWebsite Coupon CodeMy Profile

    • There are always great free things to do in a city. That is why I love living in London because there are plenty of free things to do for free every single day, from see an art exhibition right through to a free music or stand-up comedy gig. 🙂

  4. Hanging out with close friend’s is a good way to spend a weekend without having to shell out a lot of money.
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  5. It is a good idea to have a few weekends without spending money and the tips are also very interesting. Thnks for these tips & informtion.

  6. Great idea! I love hanging out with friends when we don’t want to spend any money. We’ll just end up making whatever is in our cupboards and play Cranium all night. I never thought about free community events happening. Thanks for the ideas.

  7. The scrapbooking idea you mention here is a great idea! Just recently our family moved, and while we were packing everything into boxes and organizing for the move, we found a box of old family photos. It was quite a fun time to look at all the memories we created and discovering the photos from the past once again! I definitely recommend looking back at any past memory that may be around your house.


  8. Surely all the ideas in the post are very much interesting and we don’t need to spend any buck for that.Doing something nice will make it memorable.

  9. I’ve always thought that you actually spend more money on weekends..! At least it’s what I often do! Having a picnic with friends on a mild or sunny day might be one of the best ideas, such as staying home and re-watch one of your favourite movies on DVD.
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  10. Hanging out with friends would be a great idea but this cnt be possible without spending money. Instead camping would be better if the bank account is empty. Cook something whose ingredients are available at home..

    • It depends where you go, I’ve certainly spent many weekends hanging out with my friends without spending money, playing football, computer games or just watching DVDs are popular choices.

  11. Thanks for the great tips. With times being hard for many people, it is nice to see ways to have fun without breaking the bank.
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  12. I mostly prefers to hangout with friends and watch television. But these thought have also crossed my mind. Thanx. Nice site came to it first time and your tips are valuable.