5 Simple Ways to Make Money Blogging for Fun

You write a blog just for fun. You have a venue to share your thoughts, opinions or perhaps even expertise on something. You enjoy blogging, and it seems to show with the increasing number of people who read it. What if you could still blog as you are, keeping it fun, and still earn a little money each month?

Google AdSense

The most well-known venue, AdSense by Google places on your blog ads from pay-per-click (PPC) marketers. The ads are supposed to relate to the topic of your blog, so no contradictory information is discovered by search engines, everything on the blog relates to the same general topic. Each time one of your blog readers clicks on the ads placed there, you get a portion of what Google is paid by the PPC advertisers. It doesn’t matter if the reader purchases something on the advertised site; you get paid as a via-advertisement referral source.

Sponsored Ads

Separate but conceptually related, finding your own advertisers and selling them advertising space on your blog can create a passive income stream that can supplement any other form or stream you can implement. It takes a little initiative to find sponsors, but for a modest fee, many merchants will strongly consider another advertising venue that fits well on your blog. Again, just make sure the merchant‘s products or services relate to your blog.

Affiliate Programs

Far easier than it sounds, promoting products that directly relate to and pertain to your blog topic can be a quick and easy income stream. Simply sign up as an affiliate, post embedded links within your blog and mention the product or description occasionally. Use the anchor text, the words in which you place the link, wisely; don’t use such words as ‘click here’ or ‘download’ but text that relates to both the blog and the product link. One of the biggest advantages to passive affiliates is that you don’t need marketing or sales experience. You just choose a product and post a link in your blog.

ClickBank is one of the largest and most reliably-paying affiliate product site on the Internet, but others exist as well, such as PayDotcom or Blogads.


If you mention merchants in your blog, sign up for Skimlinks. This program automatically changes your merchant links that you use for product display into affiliate links if the merchant has an affiliate program. The link won’t look any different than a normal link, but if the reader purchases something from that site, and your blog sent them there, you get a commission.


Use your blog as an advertising venue for your own specialized, subscription-only newsletter. Monthly publication and mailing can over time build into a respectable income stream. Make the newsletter topic highly relevant to your blog and the price very reasonable with lots of bonus information, and you can build a list very quickly.

The 5 options here are only a few possible ways to make your blogging hobby an income source. Little or no expertise is required, merely the ability to read instructions, for any of these. Spend the same time blogging you already do each week; keep your blog on target, and you could earn a passive income in a very short time.

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  1. In my opinion blogging had originated as a medium of expression not income, and as income got involved, people became more and more serious about it. Apart from that, these steps would really help people have some fun in blogging instead of keeping it monotonous for them.
    Anthony’s latest blog post is Making a DIY Chicken Coop – How BigMy Profile

  2. The best thing ever is we make money when we do what we love to do!! so why not?
    Today, blogger is a new stream of media. Lot of company know this and use blogger as a press release in some countries.
    Adrian@Shed Plans’s latest blog post is Metal Garden Sheds – The Good and BadMy Profile

  3. I did not like blogging as much when I started with my blog last December primarily because I did not have many readers. With time, I noticed a significant increase in traffic and with the addition of adsense, it did get a lot enjoyable. Have a reasonable readers base is the key.
    Cheolsu’s latest blog post is Google Street ViewMy Profile

  4. Everyone is always happy when they make money out of what they do.. I prefer doing affiliate programs in Facebook.. I’ve tried it and it works. πŸ™‚

  5. I use and like hubpages. It is easy and fun. you can follow many as like twitter, they can follow you back. you can share your writings with facebook, blogger, digg etc. Moreover you can earn money too!!! if your subject is interesting you will get good traffic from the day one. check this out..

    • I have been using Hubpages for a little while now, part of my attempt at earning a passive income, and on the whole I like them. They are certainly bigger than Bukisa. πŸ™‚

  6. I am about to totally redesign the blog. But there is one small problem…I have no idea how to do it. Any tips, ideas or suggestions. Thanks

  7. Some basic steps that are very important to follow before starting a blog business, is to have some awarnes of what it really means, to have a blog, and what are the important steps to follow. I totally indicate, a permanent on site action – fresh and quality content..

  8. You will want to spy on these advertisers for awhile first. Decide on a niche, come up with a few keywords and then take note of the number of ad word ads that appear when you do a Google search on the keyword, with double quotation marks. These are the keywords that will make you allot of money when your site visitor clicks on your ad sense ads.

  9. Blogging is getting bigger and more people are jumping on this bandwagon because it’s easy money. I’ve tried the surveys, but they’re too time consuming in my opinion. Great way to have fun while working!

  10. I know there are people out there that make a living just by blogging. I would like to start a blog and need help getting started on where the money comes in. I understand how to write blogs, but I want money.Thanks

  11. Blogging is a passion for many people, and people really enjoy blogging as a wholesome form to communicate your feelings and your ideas, thoughts. So, if there is an incentive that you can also make some money from it, so why not go ahead with it. Its worth it.

  12. Thanks for the great post. PPC for me has worked pretty well, but I’ve heard that it is not advisable to rely on his solely, as Google could ban your account in the blink of an eye and suddenly you are left without an income. I try to diversify my business and also use organic search engine traffic as well.

    I think anyone can learn something from your advice above so thanks for taking the time to put this together.

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