5 Alternative Ad Networks If You Dislike Adsense

Believe it or not online advertising does not start and end with just Google Adsense, although Adsense is the undisputed king there are other options, options that do not strangle you with their rules like Google does.

I am a firm believer in not putting all my eggs into one basket, so when Google kicked me out of their Adsense program I wasn’t too worried because I had been slowly phasing them out with the ad networks below anyway.

1. Adbrite

Adbrite are seen as the poor man’s version of Adsense. They have a reputation for not displaying adverts that are related to your niche but they do pretty much accept any web site as long as it is more than one page and is not under construction.

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2. AdsDaq

This is another new one that I have been with for a while but have only recently started using. They are quite picky about what sites they accept and once declined you can’t submit that site again. They seem to offer good impression rates.

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3. Clicksor

Clicksor are quite weird. They put up very harsh guidelines in order for you to join but their payouts are absolutely dire. Maybe I have not found the right niche yet, some of you might have better luck. I have earned a nice amount with them but it took me a while to earn it.


4. Smowtion

They seem to look and act very professional compared to the other networks I’ve used (including Google). Their support is very hit and miss when replying, which can put people off. They are not very picky about which sites they accept but they do seem to only acknowledge one ad unit on a page.


5. Underdog

Underdog is one that I am still messing about with. They don’t seem to offer as many different ads as the other two but none of them have been dodgy in any way so I’m happy to stick with them for the foreseeable future.

I’ve given them almost 11,000 page views and have received under a Dollar so I’m hoping it is a case of me not getting it right, rather than them paying out very poor.


Do you use any of these? If so what are you feeling about them? Maybe you can add some more to the list? Feel free to drop a comment in any case. 🙂

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