4 Ways to Get More Money out of Your Blog

Making money with your blog is a never-ending quest, if you rest upon your Loral’s after gaining a bit of success then you will soon find that your income will start to dip so we must always try and keep coming up with fresh ideas.

Even if you think you have looked at every possible angle there are always small ways for improvement, and here are just four that you might have missed:

1 Promote Your Custom Theme

When people come to your blog and like the design the first thing that crosses their mind is “I wonder where the owner got this theme from, I’d like it for my blog”, well if you have a custom theme why not make money by promoting it?

If the theme was made just for you then you could do a deal with the designer where any work that they get via your blog is rewarded with money.

2 Ad Strip at Top of Blog

You might have noticed that some blogs have a strip going across the top of their blogs that advertises something, this is something that has started to become popular without much fanfare.

It used to be a premium plugin that made this kind of ad but there are a few free plugins creeping up, if you are handy at coding you can even find website tutorials that will show you how to make them yourself.

3 Rewrite & Edit Outdated Posts

Google has torn our blogs apart this year with their stream of updates and it will only get worse in 2013, if you have outdated posts then you can breathe new life into them by editing them, you will be surprised by just how high a post can jump in the rankings with a simple five minutes spruce up.

4 Add a Page to Publicise Your Referrals

Some of the companies and networks that we use to make money will also offer a referral program with which another opportunity to make even more money, so why not create a page to list them on? You might notice that I have done something similar on this blog (Make Money page).

Many site owners who visit are curious about what avenues other bloggers use to make money and you will find this page will become a popular addition to your blog.

Do you currently do any of these methods? Did you do any of these after reading this post? Do you have any other ideas that could be added to the list? Feel free to let us know in the comments section.

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  1. Really nice tips! Thank you, gave me some new ideas to start with 🙂

  2. I agree that blogs are hard work. I’m discovering that day by day. However i am also discovering that there are ways to help the budding blogger to monetize his/her blog. One of the things that I struggled with when starting my blog was the content. I wasn’t sure of how often I should post, and I wasn’t sure of how I would go about promoting and monetizing my blog. I must say thank you for this blog post and the ideas that have been put forward here. I intend to make use of some of these ideas on my own

  3. I appreciate the first method you have mentioned in your post to earn money from the blog other than blogging. Many times this happens that visitors and other bloggers like the theme of our blogs and want to know from where we got it done and how. We can make a good deal out of this and earn the additional money.

  4. I believe that creating your own product or service is the way to monetize a blog properly, and that which may provide greater gains in the medium and long term.

    To succeed, you have to differentiate yourself from the crowd and offer a good solution to potential customers.
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  5. Nice one buddy! Charge to review guest post is a great way to make more money blogging as I personally believe that blogging is not about making money always, it’s about presenting your views and learning about other people’s thoughts. Thanks for sharing such an informative post!

    • Charging to proofread guest posts is an excellent idea. I didn’t include anything like that as I think you would have to visit freelance sites to find this work so technically isn’t being earnt form your blog. 😛

  6. All of your ideas are great, but I particularly liked the idea of rewriting and updating the older posts. This is such a great idea to make your content new again, with little effort.

  7. Great one, Dean! Rewrite and edit outdated post is the best way to get more money out of blog. I have earned a lot this way. Apart from this, proper usage of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can help you to promote your blog broadly. Now-a-days, I have started using Pinterest for promoting blog. I have earned a lot out of it. You can give it a try. Thanks for sharing such valuable and informative article!

    • Pinterest is something that frustrates me because every time I create an account it gets locked after a day because someone from the Middle East has tried to login, I have created FOUR accounts so far.

  8. I really like your last suggestion. I’ve seen it done on other blogs and fleetingly thought to incorporate it into my blog as there are several ways I’ve earned online over the years. Thanks for the reminder.
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