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19 Blog Review Networks

19 Blog Review Networks

Update: 24/11/11 Updated amounts earned & cleared up networks.

Please note that due to me cleaning out the dead networks there may now not be 19.

I received a couple of emails recently asking me to go into more details with the blog review networks that I have been part of. Well, not only am I going to post them again today but I am going to give a little bit of information about each one.

I will eventually make a single post about each of them in the future, with a huge review for each one, but for now you will have to settle for this. :P

If you do decide to sign up I’d appreciate it I you could sign up via the affiliate link, if there is one. I help you out by showing you more blog review networks, you help me out by signing up via the affiliate links. We both win. :)

If I have missed any then please feel free to let me know via the comments box below:

Name: Blog To Profit
URL: HERE (please enter as the referral)
Amount Earned: $150.00
Detailed Review: Read Here

Summery: Each review has been worth between $5.00 – $6.00. You do not get many offers but when you do they come thick and fast. I have received four sets of offers with around five reviews in each. They also pay $10.00 per referral (which is how I earnt most of the sum above).

It states that payment is sent weekly but they have been known to take about two weeks.

Name: Blogging Ads
URL: Here
Amount Earned: $15.00
Detailed Review: Read Here

Summery: Blogging Ads are very selective about which blogs get into their network. PR0/PR1/PR2 blogs might be allowed in but they won’t get any offers, I’d say only PR3+ blogs should apply.

Name: Blogitive
Amount Earned: $100.00
Detailed Review: Read Here

Summery: Blogitive is potentially simple, write a review of about 150 words and be paid $5.00 but the problem is there are very few reviews and they do tend to drag their heels when approving submitted blogs.

Name: Blogvertise
Amount Earned: $274.50
Detailed Review: Read Here

Summery: Blogvertise work a little bit differently from the other blog review networks in that they contact you with offers. Offers come in all payment shapes and sizes. I’d suggest only submitting if you have PR2+ blog otherwise you’ll only get $2 reviews.

Blogvertise payout 30 days after the post has been approved.

Name: Buy Blog Reviews
Amount Earned: $25.55

Summery: I have applied to over 2300 opportunities and have been accepted for only seven of them. One of them is now dragging their heels about paying me. I’d say only use these if you have a PR3+ blog.

Payment is sent out on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Name: LinkFromBlog
Amount Earned: $50.00

Summery: Link From Blog is a new one to me, it may have a really horrible design but they offer a good array of opportunities from a wide spectrum of topics. Opps can range from the ludicrous $0.10 right up to the more luxurious $50.00 per article.

They pay out once you hit $50.00

Name: Linkworth
Amount Earned: $464.32

Summery: Linkworth are a sort of jack of all trades. They offer blog review offers, inline ads, banner advertising, text link ads, and lots more. If you have a PR0 blog then you might not get many offers

They pay out once you hit $30.00

Name: Loudlaunch
URL: HERE (please enter as the referral)
Amount Earned: $130.43

Summery: To earn anything from Loudlaunch you have to be very quick off the mark because the reviews are snapped up in minutes and you can’t reserve them like other networks, you have to write them and hope you have not been beaten to it! A basic review price is about $5.00-$10.00.

Payment is normally sent out the 5th day of each new month.

Name: Pay Per Post
Amount Earned: $63.27

Summery: The mecca for all bloggers wanting to make money via sponsored posts. I am starting to hate them though, and rarely use them, as they are becoming increasingly reluctant to want to work with a blog that uses other review networks or even other advertising networks like Google Adsense.

They also take the longest to pay out, according to their help page they pay out after about two months of checking you have not taken down the post.

More and more networks have refused to accept blogs who use PPP now.

Name: PayU2Blog
URL: HERE (tell them recommended you. :) )
Amount Earned: $1956.50

Summery: This is one of my favourite networks as the reviews are very frequent. Each one is about $5.00 but if your PR is higher I guess you will get more. You also get the odd $10.00 and $20.00 reviews. Each review is about 60 words with just one link needed.

They pay out every two weeks and are sometimes early!

Name: ReviewMe
Amount Earned: $57.50

Summery: When I first joined ReviewMe they had a regular amount of reviews that you could write, mainly about finance, but these have dried up, the best way to earn is to get your blog listed in their market place. This is good if you have a PR4+ blog.

Name: Smorty
Amount Earned: $203.40

Summery: Smorty was once a favourite of mine but sadly the reviews dried up so I was forced to look elsewhere and now I barely check Smorty once a day. They might perk up and if so then definitely check them out. I’d say only use them if you have a PR4+ blog.

They pay every week which is why they become very popular.

Name: Sponsored Reviews
Amount Earned: $955.55

Summery: Whilst most see Pay Per Post as the mecca of bloggers wishing to earn money from sponsored posts, I choose to worship Sponsored Reviews. They have given me the second most reviews (behind PayU2Blog) and I have earned some good money with them.

Reviews are not all about finance and viagra and start off at $5.00 and can go up as high as $100+. They also pay every 14 days.

Name: Zync
Amount Earned: $80.02

Summery: If you can speak Spanish then how about the only blog review network written in Spanish? The review can be written in English if you wish, it basically works like ReviewMe but without the market place.

They pay monthly and I have had 4 reviews accepted by them, all Spanish holidays though.

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Dean Saliba is a freelance writer, music lover, professional blogger, media enthusiast, dirty football player and huge professional wrestling fan who covers a wide range of subjects and niches including, making money online, traffic generating, pro wrestling, blog reviews, football, how-to guides, music, internet marketing and more.


  1. Thanks…

    jazzies last blog post..Spectacular Experience

  2. I have registered to all of the above accept the last one. Do they accept English blogs?

    syaris last blog post..Balaton part 1.

  3. Thanks for this huge list man, I really liked the parts where you say how much you made with each network and your review.

    Thanks again, very useful.

  4. Hi, how do you write in english for a spanish review opp??

    Syaris last blog post..Hungarian culture – Cheek kissing.

  5. Great website. You are doing a great job. Keep the good work going.

    And, i used the Google Translator for the last website, i entered all the details in the registration form. But still, my account was not created. Can you tell me some more details on how to create an account in that spanish website ?

    Thanks in advance.

  6. hi, great list there..
    i have a question about PPP and reviewme, my blog is pr4 but they didn’t approve it, maybe you know what the reason for something like this?

    zamakhs last blog post..AFF Cup Semifinals : Review (Part 2)

  7. the same condition with pay2blog..if you have any tips or something like that, please tell me :D

    zamakhs last blog post..AFF Cup Semifinals : Review (Part 2)

  8. Here are the ones that truly suck! And don’t even bother
    Blogger Reveiw…SUCKS!
    Blogitive it will take months for you to get paid and they hope you forget
    Payme to blog about you – It has been over a year and i still have not seen my $16
    Link Love Amy…waste of time signing up!
    BlogPayz will give you nothing and their customer service NEVER responds
    Bloggerwave…still waiting for 6 months to get paid my $20 and there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I don’t trust them at all!!!

    • I’m sorry to hear you have had bad experiences, Sally.

      Pay Me To Blog About You seem to have closed as their domain has expired I think. So I don’t think you will get any money from them now. :(

      The ones you have mentioned I use every now and then and don’t rely on them for regular work.. I have a couple (Sponsored Reviews, PPP, PayU2Blog, etc) that I use as my main revenue earners as they have lots of reviews and pay on time.

      Thanks for dropping by. :)

  9. Oh, and Blogger Review customer service was EXTREMELY RUDE!!!

  10. Hi!
    This is a very helpful post. Thanks a lot. Keep ‘em coming!

  11. Thank you so much for the work of putting them all together. It’s so hard to wade through the bad networks.

    I see the hassle some people go through to get paid, the stress alone isn’t worth the $5-10 you might get from a shady network.

    Eryns last blog post..Poor Ami and her trip to the dentist

  12. Yeah, thanks for this list! Some of these networks did seem a little shady. I would have no idea which ones were performing better than others if you didn’t summarize them all for us. Great job!

    Gold Sellers last blog post..Tips On How To Sell Gold; Selling Your Old, Scrap Jewelry

    • Glad I could help.

      I should update the list by adding some new networks and removing some that have not performed for me. I’ll have to get onto that soon.

      Thanks for dropping by. :)

  13. Wow! What a great list about “paid to blog” sites. Thanks a lot. I’m a member of Blogsvertise, SponsoredReviews, Linkworth and Loudlaunch. You are true with Loudlaunch. I saw an opportunity in the morning but had to do it by lunch time as I was busy at work, when I checked it by lunch time, it was gone. I too love SponsoredReviews and Blogsvertise. They send me tasks every week and loving it! I’m using my PR3 and 2 blogs there but sometimes my PR0 health blog also gets assignments. :-) Not as many as the other 2 though.

    Daily Mezzes last blog post..12 Revenue Sharing Sites Where You Can Earn Money Online

    • I used to get most of my assignments from Sponsored Reviews when I had two blogs with Page Rank but when the PR dropped to zero I got nothing. Until the last week where I have been getting loads of offers.

      So it is always worth bidding on offers with a PR0 blog.

      Thanks for dropping by. :)

  14. More power to you! And also to all blogger including myself that still trying to get an approval for my blog.

  15. Hey Dean, thanks for the list. I haven’t dabbled in paid posts for a good while (over a year or something). I haven’t had much luck with sponsoredreviews which is why I’m not that active on it but I might revisit it. Blogsvertise do send me opps but I find that they’re really not that relevant to my blog content. I might take a look at PayU2Blog for one of my other blogs though.

    take care…

    2ThePoints last blog post..This Month’s Plan…

    • PayU2Blog is my favourite at the moment because they offer regular work (only 60 words), the topics are different and despite having a PR0 blog with them I still get just as many offers as I did before (only this time the price is not as high).

      Thanks for dropping by. :)

  16. Hi
    These sites were really helpful.

    I have a problem with loudlaunch. My blog which is a PR3, got approved recently and got two opportunities in 2 days. After that it didn’t receive any.

    I thought there were no related opportunities, but i found that my blogs pr has been reduced to 0 in their site alone. I checked with every page rank checker and I find that my PR is still intact.

    I tried contacting them by clicking on contact us and have explained them my problem but they haven’t replied yet. Have u heard of such a problem?? IS there any solution to this? If you aren’t familiar with this, then is there any email id for support??


    • I’m sorry to hear about this problem. I have not heard of this problem before, although I do know that Loudlaunch take quite a while to get back to support emails.

      I have found that emailing once every week or so gets them annoyed enough to reply eventually.

      Thanks for dropping by and I hope you get a response soon. :)

  17. Thanks for the quick reply… And yeah, hope they reply soon else im plannin to bombard them with mails.. LOL

  18. thanks for sharing this :D , I will join under you :mrgreen:

  19. great stuff man.very useful to make money . thanks man

  20. PR is so important

    <abbr>Archerfish.orgs last blog post..Double Trap Man – Richmond claimed USA’s first medal</abbr>

    • I really don’t think it is as important as a lot of people think it is.

      Sure with a high PR blog you can make good money but I have 2 PR0 blogs and I make money with them, I could make more if I was not so lazy.

      Thanks for dropping by. :)

  21. Thanks Dean. This is great list and really helpful.
    Some quick questions, how long will accept my blog? did their advertisers only comes from Spain websites?

    Thanks and have a nice day :wink:

    Johnnys last blog post..Inspiring Pleasure of Intimacy for Couples

    • Zync took three weeks to approve me. If after that time they have not approved/disapproved your blog then I’d send them a polite email. I’ve done this with other networks and it normally helps.

      The reviews I’ve done for them have all come from companies who have spanish web sites. I must point out that Zync have said that you can write the reviews in English.

      Thanks for dropping by. :)

  22. Blogging Ads still work for me. Linkworth is hard for me

    • Since I wrote this post I have submitted a PR2 blog to the new revamped Blogging Ads and have seen several offers, I’ve actually taken 2 and am waiting for payment.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  23. Thanks for sharing. That's a long list of making money online through reviews. I now got an idea in another making money online activities.

  24. Hi Dean,

    Thanks for mentioning Blogging Ads. Unfortunately, the information in this post is obsolete. Blogging Ads has seen a flurry of new advertisers sign up for our system since your wrote this, and it's actually a bustling place. Bloggers are quite satisfied and are signing up for opportunities left and right. We are right dab in the middle of our most substantial growth period. I encourage you to sign up and give Blogging Ads another whirl.


    • Thank you for checking out my blog.

      This post was written some time ago and as I have already said, in an above comment, my experience with Blogging Ads has changed rapidly from when I first joined.

      I shall be writing a review of my experiences with Blogging Ads in the coming week.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  25. Thank you lots, I have come to your blog from digital point forum. All are some good blog monetizing site. I will try them.

    • Hello Chandan. :)

      Thank you for visiting (I get lots of traffic from there thanks to Dean).

      Some of the networks might be dead now as the article was written some time ago. I am writing a new one soon with updated networks. :)

  26. Nice job, but maybe sometime you'll be able to make a list like this, but from the advertiser point of view. I'd be interested in advertising my websites/blogs using paid reviews, but none of these on the list inspired me, mainly because they ask too much money.

  27. Thank for this great list.

    But I want to mention that Linkworth pays when you rich 25$.
    And you can also open a support ticket and they can pay a lower amount.
    .-= jessy´s last blog ..Error 500 – Internal server error in WordPress with 1&1 =-.

  28. great resource, but i want to know. i already submitted 2 blog PR 3 but very rare to get a review job.
    is there any special requirement?

    • Hello,

      Which networks did you submit those blogs to? Have they been approved?

      You could try looking at the information you put in when you submitted the blogs and edit it. I’ve found that ticking extra categories has helped in the past.

  29. thank for your list…. i have join reviewme and blogvertise. I try to join another else.

    Best Regard

  30. whether puyu2blog is only for U.S bloggers????
    And i want to know how to grab the oppurtunites in Sponsored Reviews and Smorty. I have a blog with PR3 in both thses sites but till now i didnt get any offers. Please help with this!!!!
    Thank You……..

    • 1. PayU2Blog accept bloggers from all over. I\’m from the UK and they accepted me.

      2. Smorty seem to have stopped offering reviews now.

      3. If you are having trouble getting offers on Sponsored Reviews then I suggest lowering the bid you are placing.

  31. This is very useful information for me. i will surely try to start with some from the given list by you.

  32. Fantastic insight, will give them a go soon.

  33. Thanks for such a good post… I am surely trying it and will update you if i earn anything. Hope it works.

  34. Absolutly amazing. I love how you have had personal experience with each of the services you listed, and included how much you earned from them(I have never seen that in any similar articles). I got the feeling that you took your time to write this to help others. I will definitly be back to this for future use.

  35. While I have more offers on SponsoredReviews, I decided to ditch them completely, for they now care more about links than anything else. Each job have linksets, usually 3 links with specified anchor text. Nofollow is not allowed.

    SocialSpark on the other hand is making it compulsory to have open your article with a disclosure, and all links must be nofollow. This is the network that sells content, review and buzz.

    • Sponsored Reviews have also changed the payout ratio. It used to be you would get 65% of the amount from the sponsored posts and they would get 35%, now they take 50% and you get 50%.

      I’m using them less and less.

      Social Spark seem to be on the rise since moving to 2.0 but I really like LinkWorth right now, they offer pretty much every type of advertising.

  36. Thanks for this informative list. I am going to apply and see what happens?
    Ivin’s latest blog post is Forum coming soon!My Profile

  37. I cannot believe how much money reviews vary from. How many hours do you think spent on blogging reviews? I’m trying to make a little money on the side, because- well, who couldn’t use a little more? But I don’t have a lot of time to spend on a computer aside from weekends.

  38. Links are important and I guess that why people are paying for the reviews. Getting three deep links in an article is a good way for companies to improve their organic rankings. The majority of sites do seem to pay very little for the content. Not sure if you could make a living at it?

    • It depends on what PR you have. If you have say a PR0-PR1 then you will earn about $5 a review but if you have a PR3+ then you can charge anything over $30 a go.

  39. Thanks for posting this information. I will look into some of these blog review sites for my blogs.
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  40. Hey Author

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    • If you check my monthly income reports You will find out how I made that money.

      There are plenty of blogs that have earnt twice as much as me with a PR0 blog.

  41. I have registered in some of them currently and submitted my blogs successfully. This is a wonderful resource to make your blog popular and get a massive number of traffic. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful resource :)
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  42. I am so glad to have this huge list.

  43. Some of the are just small amount, but we gather them all and sum it up it could be an amount we’re not expecting to be.

  44. I hope you find them helpful in making you money.

  45. I have registered in some of them currently and submitted my blogs successfully.

  46. I hope you have earned some good amount of money

  47. Oh thats great list to earn money without advertising
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  48. A great list of blog review networks, Dean.

    I have heard of most of them but there are a few new interesting ones, which I will follow up on.

    I’ll let you know how I get on.


  49. Never ever knew that I can be paid for posting blogs and reviews. Thank you so much for making this effort to post these links which I am dying to sign up.

  50. LinkFromBlog is a marketplace where Companies buy blog opinions from market sites, Web owners incorporate blogging and site-building activity with ethos way of earnings.

  51. Personally, I really like the Pay Per Post network because even if your blog is not really old and has a high PR, you can still get some offers. A great list nonetheless, I’d surely love to check a few of the out!

  52. I really doubt how many of these are really good.

    I guess I’ll give each of them a try and find out myself…:P

    Thanks for the list Dean.
    Retail Panda’s latest blog post is Nordstrom Coupon Code and DiscountsMy Profile

  53. I’ve never tried the linkfromblog before, i try it now. payu2blog is the most harder to approve your blog, can you give me some tips on how to be approve from them? Smorty is still running good till now?

    Nice written by you gives blogger knowledge to monetize their blog.

    would you care link exchange from me?

  54. Excellent. It’s a shame in Ghana we are blacklisted from PayPal. I wish any of them pay via AlertPay. Hmm.
    GADEL’s latest blog post is Inspirational and Motivational PrayersMy Profile

    • Sadly it seems that some of your fellow countrymen have let you down by abusing PayPal, I believe India had the same problem but are allowed in now so maybe your country will be unlisted in the future.

      I don’t think any of the networks I’m in accept AlertPay, just PayPal. I’m not sure why, maybe they think PayPal is the safest.

  55. I am on a few of these. I went from PR3 down to PR2 and that actually had a profound impact on earning. I’d actually suggest trying Socialspark if you have a good amount of traffic.
    Africanlegend’s latest blog post is ABC News’ Tweet Reports The Most Strange, Absurd Story We’ve EVER seen!My Profile

    • I haven’t been impressed with SocialSpark since they brought out Version 2.0. Sponsored Reviews and PayU2Blog are still producing the goods for me. :)

  56. Can you do an update on the blogs you are still working with? I have a pagerank one website and hoping to get 2 or 3 in the coming updates.
    Thanks for this big list.

  57. Dean does this really works. I love writing and this habit can make me earn extra money if I am paid for writing blogs.

  58. Personally, i am mad about the Pay Per Post network because even if your blog is not really old and has a high PR, you can still get some offers. a amazing table nonetheless, I’d surely love to check a few of the out!

  59. Well done for listing these Dean. TBH most of these types of schemes will only ever earn you a few bucks here and there. Invariably you’ll be working for a pittance. Most day jobs will pay better ;-)

    Also, without meaning to be rude, you’ve spelled summary wrong ;-)