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Four Easy Ways to Retain Your Business’s Clients

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, no business wants to lose clients. However, as business grow, retaining clients can be difficult. It could be tempting to focus more energies and resources on obtaining more clients, but this is misguided if you’re putting your current client pool at risk. In one study cited in a Forbes ... Read More »

Why Your Blog Is Not Making Money


Often when people realize how easy it is to start blogging they assume that since anyone can do it, that it must be easy to make money. The reality is earning an income from your blog, whether it’s hosted through WordPress, Blogger or some other platform, is simple but not that easy. Read More »

The Benefits of Using Banners and Signs to Promote Your Business


There are many different high tech ways to advertise to your customers today, but one age-old technique continues to yield impressive results. You might have your IT department busily working away on your business website and your Internet marketing, but don’t neglect the printed signs and large banners that continue to be used to promote events, sales, and other activities. Read More »

Must-Have Items for the Organized Office


Optimizing one’s work space can be quite beneficial to overall productivity and work quality. This optimization can be accomplished with a few key accessories that will help organize any office, making daily tasks far simpler to pull off. The following are a few items that can help turn an office in disarray into a paragon of neatness. From a rolling ... Read More »

3 Reasons Why You Need An Accountant in 2014


Whether you are an established business or you are just starting out, your business finances can be a confusing mine field to get your head around. this gets even more complicated when you personal finances are tied in with it; it is often the place where many business owners come unstuck. Maybe this is because it is truly believed that ... Read More »

Posts Genius Deduct Money & Then Ignore Me


I received an email over the weekend from a sponsored post network called Post Genius informing me that I had removed a link in a post I had written and they had deducted the money they had paid me and would be returning it to the advertiser. In fact by the time they had sent me the email the money ... Read More »